Who wants to teach sewing?

Learning to sew was the greatest gift of my childhood.  For as long as I can remember, I have been a seamstress.  Sewing is the one thing that I have to offer for sale or barter with absolute unshakable confidence and pride.  I’ve always wanted to give back to the art form that gives so much joy to me therefore, teaching was a natural and obvious choice.   Each month, starting in one month, I will post one of the five project tutorials that I have loved teaching to local children over the last year. They are each designed (and have been used) as a curriculum.  I believe others could use them to offer classes that generate income, same as I have done.  The thorough tutorials will facilitate that. Someone with a basic level of sewing could teach them.  I suggest you complete each tutorial yourself before teaching so it will be familiar–you will also have created a sample finished product which is very helpful for referring to when instructing.  If teaching is not your intent, then maybe you will enjoy making for yourself or as gifts.

What better way to provide than to teach others to provide for themselves?”

you  can buy fabric                                you can't use up creativity


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