Cliff Diving–A Bird’s Eye View of Poll na bPeist

Poll na bPeist has drawn visitors from all over the world to see its breathtaking beauty firsthand.  My husband Johnny catches our dinner there often.  The Red Bull Cliff Diving team have held events there twice in the past three years.  They did an amazing job capturing this natural wonder on video.

jfg phone dec 2014 025

Three of my children (the blondies) with some of the cliff divers at a bbq held in their honour as they wrapped up their time on Inis Mor.

jfg phone dec 2014 028

My oldest daughter with Orlando.


    • My hubs reckons he has “no idea of it’s depth but the Red Bull Divers were diving into it at mid tide so”…. it is very deep. He catches rock fish and pollock with a line and an occasional lobster with a pot. It’s impressive alright. Their camera work couldn’t be beat.


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