Mum, how many days until Santa comes?

Rows of numbered squares sewn as pockets to a background which is then batted, backed, bias tape bound, and somewhat quilted together and, voila, an advent calendar is materialised–pun intended, obviously. I purchased the one-yard panel of fabric around ten years ago from somewhere in the States.  Into the fabric stash it went, surfacing three years ago only to be cut out, sadly, never to see the light of my sewing machine.  My new found motivation came from the new island crafting group that meets up here once a week, whose first two weeks were dedicated to making advent calendars.

My children are ecstatic with this new holiday feature, anxious for their turns to pick the prize from the pocket and either don our tree with a handmade ornament or divvy out the mini chocolate treats between the five of them.  This new tradition will not only help them to keep track of how many days until Christmas, but will also create more wonderful childhood memories of this magical time of year.

p.s. The children’s enthusiasm has fueled my momentum and I am next working on my two-years-and-counting tree skirt.


No, it won’t be hung on a stone wall! It just photographed so much better in the sunlight.

bejeweled with gold beads on random stars

Bejeweled with gold beads onto random stars and touches of simple hand quilting around the border.




Yellow seed beads sewn to the Star(s) of Bethlehem.



  1. bluedaisyz says:

    Looks great! I’ve still yet to finish mine, but am determined to this week so it’s not a four year project! And randomly, my next BIG Christmas project is a tree skirt, too. I bought great material for it about a month ago!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mine is not a fraction of the hand crafted yours is but it’ll do. I was planning to crochet a tree skirt but that would never be done this year….once again I have double the motivation to plug away at it. No more excuses for me!!



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