Eggnog, Mulled Wine, and Kombucha Tea

      DSCF1465 (2)

Sorry, no eggnog or mulled wine in this post, but all three group together so well during this festive time of year that I could not resist mentioning them.  Last night I toted these soon to be nineteen liters of kombucha tea up the stairs and into the hot press where they will stay warm and cozy.  Soon those magical bubbles will appear and, not long after, they will be ready for bottling. At that time they’re fine for drinking so we’ll all imbibe a little, but we prefer to second ferment them with fresh fruit, spices, and various flavorings.  Cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger is one of my favorite winter warmers. Vanilla sticks make the healthiest cream soda you’ll ever taste–it is just WOW!  And any berry is a must all year round.  I’m not sure what other flavours we will be making, but they’re all sure to be delicious, nutritious, and just in time for the Christmas giving.  And now I have a full year to concoct fermented versions of eggnog and mulled wine!

 DSCF1464 (2)


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