Leaving Home


Margaret Maeve 10, Adrien 9, Seán Proinsias 7, Tadhg 6, Nuala 4

Finances and food are big sources of our motivation towards inventive self-sufficiency, but there is one more reason–our future.  We are planning a family business around our homefarm and that directs much of our thinking and choices also.   Learning as we go along has shown to be a long and hard way of getting there.

After receiving business advice and mentoring, we’re planning on my taking an organic horticulture course on the mainland.  It’s a year-long course with full scholarship beginning mid February 2015.  I’ll only return home about once a month for a day or two.  It’s been our plan for most of this year, but suddenly as it becomes nearer than far, as the time inches closer, my feelings of excitement are changing to anxiety and nervousness.  How can I leave Johnny and the children?  I will miss birthdays, bed times, recitals, swim lessons, date nights…

At a time of year when I am usually full of energy, instead I feel over emotional and tired. The excitement will return and I have no doubts in this great opportunity.  But for today I could use some encouragement.

Tomorrow morning we leave for several days, off to the mainland for the children’s first Christmas trip to the city.  I am trying to focus on this and enjoy these moments and am hopeful to return with a fresh perspective and renewed energy.


  1. What an amazing opportunity for you and your family. Any time we get closer to something we want we are often filled with anxiety and nervousness. It’s because part of our dreams are becoming reality. You are setting a great example for your children about pursuing their dreams too……what a great role model! Also, think about what it’s going to be like when you return each month…..like Christmas once a month. The excitement and love the children will have for you will give you the boost you need to continue for another month. Congrats on getting the scholarship too! Enjoy your Christmas trip to the city!

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    • That refocusing definitely brings me some relief. I hope you don’t mind me using your “like Christmas once a month” analogy when I tell them :). Thank you for your heartfelt words Stan (or is this Becky?) Melissa Xx


  2. Hi, we have found your blog few days ago and thought it was very good! This looks like an amazing opportunity but I am sure it is not an easy choice. But it’s always like this isn’t it, following your dreams is never easy…I wish you the best of luck and will be following to see how you are getting on. Kinga

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    • Your kindness and understanding is so appreciated. This is the first time I have chased after something near equally as important as what I am leaving in order to get it. As I prepare for bed I say with relief that yourself and thegoodlifeinthecity have really uplifted me and I will sleep better than I have all week. Thanks, Melissa

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  3. ebonierika says:

    I’m in awe and amazed at you and your husband’s determination to make it happen. Trust me that i know how much can happen in a year while also thinking, “it’s only a year.” Relax, enjoy your fam now. And when in the program be sure to relax and enjoy that as well.

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    • Good morning eboniereka. I appreciate your advice and will keep it in mind while we are enjoying the city this weekend and not let it wander to thoughts of separation–no benefit from dwelling on not being with them. I promise to be present. Big hug to you for that insight. Melissa


  4. amykierce says:

    Hi Melissa and Merry Christmas! I just read your post here and think you are very brave to make a go of a great opportunity. I think your children will learn from this experience as will you! It’s the spirit of adventure that brought you to those beautiful islands, so I admire your spirit and moxie! I hope you continue your blog when you’re on the mainland! big hugs, Amy

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    • Merry Christmas Amy! I am thankfully over that slump and am more excited then ever. There will be sad moments here and there, but the goodness far outweighs any of that and is where I am focusing my thoughts. I will definitely blog about my experience…I like your calling it an adventure! Being five hours ahead of you, we are winding down our Christmas day here. You must be in the thick of it. Enjoy and Big Hugs back at you!! Melissa xx

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      • amykierce says:

        I’m so glad you’re excited about it again!! And I’m glad you’ll be blogging about it. We’re having a very quiet Christmas Day, something I have looked forward to. We’re headed to my parents’ house tomorrow on Cape Cod. I’ll look at the ocean and think of you across the way! Big hugs, Amy xo

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        • Enjoy the beautiful Cape and the time with your parents.
          My children wave to their grandparents across the ocean 🙂 I just got off the phone with them back in Maine.
          I will feel your wave of energy when I am walking the dog at the beach tomorrow!
          Safe travels.

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