Power Posing

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Fyffe playing with the birds at Kilmurvey Beach

Today’s walk with Fyffe was especially wonderful.  There was no sunshine, rather it was grey, windy and spitting light rain.  But the tide was low, I mean low-low tide, and if you live on the coast you know what that means–more of the beach being exposed than ever is.  And with perfect patches of seaweed here and there, the dog was in heaven.  The seaweed didn’t interfere with the walk, but was enough to entice many different sizes and types of birds to pick for food.  The entire time there he spent racing up and down the beach chasing after them, hopeful to catch one.  That’s doubtful to happen with them being so nimble, but he never gives up and they seem to admire his relentless pursuit. These walks are always one of the best parts of my day, and especially so today as a welcome break from the holiday hoo-ha.

Some of my walk on the beach I spent power posing, Amy Cuddy inspired, after watching this engrossing  TED Talks–Life Hacks.  If you don’t have time for them all, #5 is good for a laugh and #6 will teach you to improve on something you likely already do very well.

  • Amy Cuddy: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are  21:03
  • Jane McGonigal: The Game That Can Give You 10 Extra Years of Life  19:31
  • Shawn Achor: The Happy Secret to Better Work  12:21
  • Joshua Foer: Feats of Memory Anyone Can Do  20:30
  • Derek Sivers: How to Start a Movement  5:42
  • Terry Moore: How to Tie Your Shoes  3:00
  • Sheena Iyengar: How to Make Choosing Easier  16:06 
  • Andy Puddicombe: All It Takes Is 10 Mindful Minutes  9:25

Much of the rest of my walk was spent thinking about the party Johnny and I host in a few days.  Time to get preparing the menu and gifts for guests…

I hope you are all enjoying this holiday season and are finding time for yourselves between the memory making gatherings with friends and family.

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