Feeling Fine For The New Year


For two days I had been down and out, finally going to the doctors on day three and being diagnosed with strep throat.  Really?  Isn’t that a kids disease?  My usual refusal/resistance to antibiotics was replaced with an almost cheerful, “And how soon will I feel better?”  Unfortunately, I missed a family gathering, had to cancel our dinner party, and was in bed sleeping on the finest gardening day of the winter thus far. Johnny did get spuds sown in the tunnel though, his by-the-end-of-year resolution.

On the day of the family gathering I had the house to myself and was in bed resting.  I was repeatedly aroused by a curious sound so I tip-toed out of bed and down the stairs to investigate.  The darn chickens had jumped their fence and were nearing the garden.  Experience tells me that our beautiful kale and beetroot was their destination.  I wouldn’t have half minded (yes I would’ve) if they hadn’t recently had their run opened to a field that gives them five times the space, but the greedy peckers wanted the forbidden fruit instead (yes, I know they’re veg not fruit).  We have twelve chickens–nine of them were the bold ones, my guess being that the others were too young to be able to follow just yet. With stick in hand, I chased them around the yard and back through the fence over and over again, all while wearing my pajamas and welly boots.  I imagined passers-by might have thought I was a bit mad, in fact I was getting very mad. Eventually Johnny came home and I handed the problem over to him.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to document the children helping him clip their wings.  It’s really a simple (and painless) solution.

I also didn’t end up making the salad dressings the other day as I had intended.  Ah, well, there’s always next year ;).  Instead my aspiring chef and middle child, Seán Proinsias, will be doing that with me this week.

I’m grateful to be feeling fine for the New Years 2015, for my family & friends near and far, for our fertile land and island home, and for all who read my ramblings.  From our homefarm to wherever you call home, my family and I wish you all a safe, joyous, and healthy evening.  Melissa xx



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