I like the idea presented by Jamie at bluedaisy creates to take a photo a week, the subject being whatever is inspired by a one word topic that she decides upon.  The first word of the challenge is new.  

I am going to add another element to the challenges by pursuing my recent introduction turned fascination with writing Haiku, thanks to Sandra at Wild Daffodil.  Since Haiku Poetry traditionally doesn’t have titles, I hesitate to put restraints on it, therefore the poem may or may not relate to the photo topic. Feel free to join in one, two, or all the challenges, just link to the original links, including mine, and get creative with us!

My Haiku Poem:

                            Haiku in my dreams
                         Woken to count syllables
                            Now of this world

Though several other words would also aptly describe these bundles of just picked vegetables, “new” is exactly what they are–just harvested this morning. Mmm, mmm, delicious.


I wondered what other WordPress bloggers were writing about Haiku Poetry.  Check these out if you’re curious too–this is a fantastic Haiku by Stephanie Mohan at grevilleacorner.  And another by J M Lysun that is just stellar.

Here is Jamie’s list for the 52 week challenge:



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      • Thanks for going through my posts, and understanding what my heart wanted to express through my words.. Its been so kind on your part.. Am mesmerized by your blog too.. Hoping to learn more from you
        Stay happy and stay connected.
        Rosalyn 🙂

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    • Once when my parents visited, my dad asked the question “Where are all the trees?” Being from the “Pine Tree State”, I wasn’t surprised. I think it is the the stone everywhere that keeps them from thriving, and the wind. For this reason, the tree in our front yard, a sycamore, is a treasure. At a certain height all island trees swoop to one side, that of the prevailing winds. The upside is we never miss a starry night or a sunset or any other happening in the heavens–helped also by the night time darkness as there are very few streetlamps. I hoped there might be some tree from away that might flourish in our island elements. Hmmm, possibly Alaskan?


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