A Lesson In Allowing

Something that I am very grateful to have learned in time to teach it to my children is…


Allow challenges from others.  Allow the possibility to be enlightened by a differing opinion. Allow others the same benefit of the doubt we usually give to ourselves (and often wish had been given to us by another). Allow yourself to believe their motives are as pure as you believe yours to be.  Just allow other’s opinions to be, without judgement or criticism or confrontation. Allow them their own truths and beliefs, as you expect them to allow you yours.  Let go of your attachment to a perceived “wrongness” because it is not in your originalityagreement with your own personal views. In other words, allow them their viewpoint and then, if need be, let it go, ignore it, stop judging it, thinking about it, and having feelings about it–if it doesn’t feel right for you, get away from it.  There is a difference between expressing an opinion and ramming one at a disagreeing target–whether you are the giver or receiver of this action, both are unpleasant shoes to be standing in. Either way, you have the same choice to allow and walk away.  Say out loud if need be, “They have their opinion and I have mine. Their’s is okay for them, but not for me. So now I will let go of it.” AND THEN LET IT GO.  Treat others the way you want to be treated, and that’s exactly what will start happening.


      • Thank you so much for your comment Melissa, I don’t know how to add a “like” button, this is all so new to me, any insight or help will be greatly appreciated. You Tube has been such a huge help so far, and that is where I will be looking to find out “How to add a LIKE button to a blog website” lol =)

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        • Youtube is great for all that. I found out info for setting up my page from google searches also :). I just tried to figure it out in WP Dashboard, but no help to myself or you.
          I spent much time patiently fiddling around in “dashboard” for my first couple of weeks to figure out how to tweek this and that on my own blog. If you enter @michelleweber in The Commons with a question, she is pdq at replying. Post the question to anyone/everyone and her. Plenty of people would love to help (and probably want to know same as you). Good luck.

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          • Awe thank you very much, I forgot about asking on The Commons and Michelle, I played around today and it was so much fun, nothing I wanted to add got added, lol BUT stuff I hadn’t thought about, did, and I did it all by myself, so I am feeling super accomplished! This could get real addicting! Have a fabulous weekend! xx

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          • Suzanne, That is what I did, fiddled about in the “dashboard” in widgets, appearance, etc. It took some dedicated time and I am finally happy for the most part. I still can’t exactly remember how I did much of it though!! Ah well, so it goes. I am with you–it is addicting. I love it over facebook, which I was a bit of a lurker on, not a participant. Here, I feel I see depth to people and have made some lovely, genuine connections. You too enjoy the rest of this lovely weekend and keep on smiling! Melissa Xx


  1. It was worth reading…for me, cause i too could learn something out from what you were to teach your children..and there’s nothing to be afraid 🙂 let go of those fears, and allow your mind to write as it wishes!
    An audience is valuable, but your inner satisfaction after writing is more important.. Those who like will encourage your writing, and those who criticize will incite you to write better that that..Both ways….you win
    best wishes…and its a wow!! your work here
    stay happy 🙂

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    • This was an interesting assignment, which,upon first reading it, I greeted with an “Ugh.” But all the better to make me dig deeper. I like your viewpoint of win-win and will adopt it. I don’t mind criticism. I just wasn’t sure I wanted to set myself up for it, but, beyond my control, the words must flow out-and they have! Thanks for bringing such happiness to my blog! Melissa 🙂

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  2. Well done Melissa! Your children are very lucky to be learning such great lessons from you. The timing was a bit off for me…..meaning I really wish I had read this BEFORE I went to work today, instead of after. The day could have had a much different spin. Probably has something to do with being on different continents 🙂
    Keep up the great writing (and teaching).

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    • Hmmm, you’re got me curious about your day…maybe better off leaving it in the past. Tomorrow might offer a second chance, a do-over. Anywho, you have such a way of lifting my spirit even higher than it already is! And I haven’t mentioned, but I love your Gravatar. We have black chickens, they are just gorgeous in the sunlight. Thanks for your awesomeness and for all the smiles you put on my face Stan :).

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    • Nice to see you BellyBytes. I hope you had nice holidays. I’ve just come from your page and I read of your computer ordeal. In the interest of staying positive, I won’t state my own lifetime experience with technology, but can relate to being on first name basis with the tech guy. I am happy you could relate with this post also. Sometimes it is the simplest things that make the best reminders, easy to forget in the fast moving times we live in. Take care, Melissa


  3. Victor Ho says:

    Dream reader? Hmmmm. Thanks for looking in on my blog. You have indeed been supportive and so very nice in your comments. My past experience is that most bloggers do not take criticism well. And here, I chance your support. But is seems that positive things are always welcome. So to that, I say the rule is as it was in my childhood: if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t…. The best wishes to you. Five kids, no exercise, no driving…. you have had quite a plate full. You have my admiration.


    • Hi Victor, did you see my Jan 7 post? I hope you don’t mind I linked to you as a fellow “ocean swimmer.” I know you are more of an under ocean explorer, but that still qualifies you as an ocean swimmer and you were the first fellow blogger to come to mind when I was writing.
      Ya, that dream reader assignment had me hmmmming too. I do enjoy your pictures, a bit jealous of your swimming with the fish deep in the sea so I do the vicarious thing and look in on you. Of course, my first connection with your photography were your pics of Maine.
      I am of that same thought as you and have no interest in criticizing anyone’s work. We are all perfectly imperfect in our own quirky ways, whether it be grammar or strong opinions.
      And thanks to you also for peaking into my world. Melissa



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