I had a very specific image in mind for this 52 weeks of photos assignment. I took a picture the last time that it snowed here on Inis Mor.  My children went outside and scraped up enough snow to make a snowman of about 15 inches high.  I must have lost that picture when my computer crashed last year. After finding nothing over the weekend that inspired me enough, I pulled this from my archives.  It works even better with my Haiku than the one I originally intended and is a testament to how my parenting has changed over time. This is my first born and the pic is taken just before we moved here from Maine. She is bundled to double her size, for fear she might get even a hint of a chill.  Nowadays, I let them dress themselves, only making subtle suggestions if I feel they are underdressed.  I’ve come to know they are quite smart at realizing, expressing, and taking action if they become uncomfortable.  Besides, they’ll never trust their own judgement if I make all their decisions for them.


Snow shaped innocence-
You will never know the cold
Dressed in so much love

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  1. Such a sense of fun and joy in this photo! I thought at first I would take a new photo each week, but I’m finding that each word of the challenge calls a photo to mind in my archive of photos and I’m really enjoying looking at them anew, giving them new life and marking what has happened since they were taken. Sharing with others is expanding the experience in a way I would never have thought about! Fabulous!!!!!!! Thanks again Melissa for the heads up!

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    • There’s no rules and I like it that way! I too thought I’d take a new photo but it just didn’t happen this time. My daughter is mighty chuffed to see her adorable self here. Her birthday is this week and this prompted us to have a little trip down memory lane. Oh, and a HUGE thanks to you for Haiku. I always wanted to write poetry but had absolutely no idea where to begin so just never bothered. I have not felt this much gratitude since I began swimming in the ocean again, inspired by a simple gesture from a now very good friend. That is another story, but my point is this–some things are so meaningful that they just change you forever. Big hugs to you!

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  2. ebonierika says:

    I totally agree about the dressing issue. They think i over dress them and over dress them. Now they rock “play” clothes all the time. However, I do ask them to match sometimes. My goodness. As for the photo rules, i thought was supposed to be bew photo a week which was almost discouraging but i like the thought of a new a week. We shall see.

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    • Ah, hilarious!! It is obvious isn’t it–the children that are dressed by a parent and the ones who have the freedom of choice, hence the unmatched outfits/socks. I bought my daughters a full length mirror this past summer, hint, hint. I too insist on matching now and then though–otherwise I fear they wouldn’t forgive me in years from now when looking at photos!
      Regarding the photo challenge; you know what, I’m taking the approach of don’t ask (I might not like the answer 😛 ), I’ll just do what I want until told otherwise. If rules are published (doubtful, this is all about the fun 🙂 ) then I shall abide. It is so personal, our interpretation of a word. I like how Sandra/Wild Daffodil summed it up as “giving new life” to old photos. It just feels right to have the choice;sometimes it will be a new photo, like week one. Love chatting with you!!

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  5. Roz Hill says:

    Hi Melissa, Today’s challenge is to join an event, it looks as though I will have to work on this . I am not sure but it could be we have to know about ping backs. I think that maybe why I wasn’t able to pass on the award page. Still learning eeeek! I looked at the list and will try for the ‘share your world’ event. If this grabs you , then please join me, it would be good to have someone in the same group. Don’t feel pressured, something else may inspire you more😊so no worries !


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    • Hi Roz! I can’t commit to anything extra. I would like to do the weekly doodle, I dabble in one line designs, and I want to keep up with the photo/haiku but as of now I am behind on that which was due on Monday! The only pressure I feel is self induced, but I’m not sweating it. Hey another message from you just showed up…gonna check it out. 🙂



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