I Should Have Been A Weather Girl


It’s hailing outside right now, a very unusual sight here on the island.  My thoughts are on Johnny who’s checking on the goats at one of our walking distance (but too far to just run home quick) fields. He should have taken the fleece neck warmer I tried to force on him, but who could have predicted this?  Well, smarty pants, they didn’t–it wasn’t forecast and right now even the brightest of Irish meteorologists are surprised… the only job you could fail at so consistently and still have a faithful following.  I should’ve been a weather girl.  I’d be good at it too as I’m okay with making lots of mistakes, I have no problem admitting them, and I have been long admired for my “if at first (2nd, 3rd…) you don’t succeed…” attitude.

The Irish luuuv talking about the weather.  Nothing wrong there, just noteworthy–if you are ever in Ireland and have a lull in conversation, bring up the weather.  Then sit back, and enjoy the cup of tea they just served you and listen awhile.  Heck, if you are ever in Ireland, stop by our place; the kettle is always warm.

Back in Maine we have a saying and it goes, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute.”  In the time it took to write this, the storm has past and the sun is peaking out.


Johnny has arrived home safely with a few much appreciated pics of his own from his phone…


The storm is on it’s way, coming from over the Atlantic Ocean.


Hardy as can be, they are well use to rough terrain and outdoor living.


A shot after the storm, Dun Aengus in the background.


Does anyone else see the grass as a heart?

And speaking of hearts… did you notice the L-O-V-E raised beds in the second picture?  They’re upside down and at an awkward angle, but worth a mention.  Johnny made them for me last year


    • Aw, you would love it here and would leave with much inspiration from the landscape for a gorgeous afghan. Johnny didn’t see the heart until I pointed it out either, though he photographed it. He wasn’t looking beyond the hail I guess, which was the intended subject of the photo.

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  1. LemonSherbet says:

    I thoroughly enjoy your posts and photographs. They’re so inviting I’m feeling inclined to pop by one day for a visit – particularly love the goats as I’m a double Capricorn haha…I love all things weather and my work colleagues will often ask me “How’s the weather looking?” as I check the local radar, so maybe we chat some more about that 🙂

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    • Definitely!! My husband laughs lovingly at me about this–I love the word “precipitation.” It isn’t my favorite weather of choice, but it is one of my fave words. After he checks the forecast, I always like to know what’s the possibility of precipitation. And thank you for your encouraging words about my blog 🙂

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      • LemonSherbet says:

        It’s funny but I can hear busy sounds around your home, animals, rain, wind, hail and all…haha When I left my last workplace they gifted me with a mini weather station…it has a hydrometer – we could talk for hours about precipitation 🙂

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        • It is precipitating like crazy here. Check us out on the weather map if you get a chance. Horrid weather for next 24+ hours. No ferry on or off the island, no cargo boat. Good to snuggle up with a nice book (if I could only get my arse off this damn computer chair!!), hee, hee!


    • Sorry no special breed that we know of, and we have not tried to figure out further. They are ‘island goats’. Hardy and meaty. We have acquired many from neighbors and friends on the island, many we have kidded ourselves, always keeping attention to not inter breed, but with wild goats about, there is no absolute certainty about who daddy is. It’s just the way we let them live…enclosed by stone walls in our more distant fields, not on our homefarm land (except when they are kidding). They are close enough to check and milk daily. They are friendly enough, very used to our human contact.

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      • They manage to be cute and beautiful at the same time. What wonderful animals! It sounds like that have a pretty great life. I always see the same goat breeds again and again so it’s great to see a little diversity (and “island goats” makes them sound particularly wonderous like little spritely fey creatures).



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