Time To Batten Down The Hatches

We all know what that means–time to get prepared for trouble ahead.  Judging by the sounds outside, I think the national weather service got it right this time.  We tidied up the garden, securing everything necessary.  Even took the dog from his house to our house.  Fingers crossed the other animals are okay and the polytunnel stays intact.

Wind gusts of up to 150 km/90+ mph are expected through this evening and tomorrow. That’s category 1 on the hurricane wind scale.  I copied this from the Irish national weather service Met Éireann:

RED Level – Severe Weather Warning – Take Action The issue of RED level severe weather warnings should be a comparatively rare event and implies that recipients take action to protect themselves and/or their properties; this could be by moving their families out of the danger zone temporarily; by staying indoors; or by other specific actions aimed at mitigating the effects of the weather conditions.

Last year we had winter storms coupled with the bad timing of extremely high tides.  They were so fierce that a section of one of the two public roads on the island washed away.

A pic taken before the road behind us washed away.

This was taken before the road pictured behind us was washed away last winter.

I just received a text reading “School closed 2moro due 2 bad weather.” (yes, this sent to me by a teacher 😛 ). This is the first time in my seven years here that school has been cancelled.   My children are devastated ;), I better go console them :D.


    • A good example being our local shop, the only shop on the island. It’s always cold. A (almost) welcome cold in the summer and a not much of a difference to outside cold in the winter. Yesterday my daughter and I walked in and she said, “oh, it’s so warm in here.” It was just much colder outside. You get it. Maybe the shop isn’t really always cold, apparently it wasn’t yesterday 😛 . You’re so right–it all depends on how you look at things!


    • Sometimes the damage isn’t all about the strength of the wind but the direction of it. So far so good here. I just had a thorough look through your blog and just love it. Your photos, I could jump into them and be there. Really enjoyed it 🙂


  1. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    Hope you got through the night without any damage. Wind has been battling away here too in Mayo. And we got that same text re school closing – so trying to occupy to kids this morning. Keep safe.


  2. kim says:

    Hope all is okay with you. It’s been wild and blustery here (Wiltshire, England), but not 90mph thank goodness! We were warned about heavy snow yesterday too and it was just a flurry. Poor children – missing school – I hope they cheer up 😉

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    • So far so good, except now the dog wants to stay in the house and thinks he is a lapdog, something that he is clearly too big for. But he needs cuddles too I suppose…
      My bro-in-law stopped by and gifted his old I-phone to one of my boys (they never have video games) and they have not surfaced from their room since. My oldest daughter is baking her own birthday cake and the other is painting on her bedroom wall. I think they’re handling the disappointing news pretty well 🙂 .
      The weather is getting darker and darker, but, honestly, I think we’ve had worse.

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  4. We saw the weather reports of the fierce Irish weather here across the pond as well – hoping that the battened hatches held and that the children were not too upset by the Aran version of a “snow day”. Love the photo of them, btw.

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    • You know, I think it was worse weather last week, so I guess the worst missed us and possibly hit further north. A relief of course for all here. But we still got loads of rain, not so much wind though. Today was gorgeous sunshine and bitter cold, we’ll take it. Also thanks, that is one of my fave pics of my babes. Xx



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