A Homemade Celebration


You made me a mama, I tell her often.

My oldest’s birthday has come and gone; my first, the one who made me a Mama, is now eleven years old. She managed to have two birthday cakes this year.  I made one for her birthday dinner with the family and she made one for the next day’s party with friends.


          Coconut kefir and parsnip cake with coconut lime frosting                   click for recipe  

DSCF2219 DSCF2212

I want to credit my son Adrien for many of the photos in this post.  The unstaged pics are all his :). Some of them look staged, but are really his also, just cropped by me.

Cute aren’t they?


All six of her friends have taken my five beginner sewing lessons and so it was decided she would have a sewing party.  She got a dwarf hamster for her birthday earlier this month and from there an animal theme ensued.  Deciding to make teddies was an obvious choice after combining the animal and sewing ideas.  And it would be easily doable in a four hour party and still have time for a game, nibbles, and cake.  That is, with a little planning…


Materials and supplies are gathered


Favourite combinations form.


Animal features are designed.


Ready-to-sew kits are made.


Machine work done, now hand sewing on facial features.

I made this!

    I made this!

You can make these too!  Check out these super instructions for the bunny.  I made my own templates for the cat, puppy, and bear ears and tails.  I regrettably didn’t get pics of the teddies backsides–the bunnies and bears have cute pom-pom tails :).

Birthday Cake, Take 2.


Yellow sponge cake with mint buttercream icing fishbowl cake.     Made entirely by the birthday girl.


I drove her two besties home just hours ago from a sleepover following the party.  It was a brilliant weekend celebrating the first tiny love of our lives. Xx


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  2. That is just wonderful. I love the little sewing kits you made for each of them, the girls must have loved it – you are obviously a brilliant organiser and teacher, and MUM! The cake is a triumph! (the one who made me a Mama is 40 next year – yikes!)

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  3. BellyBytes says:

    what a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday. I remember once I gifted all the girls who came to my girl’s party a set of knitting needles and a ball of wool…….and they thought I was cuckoo ( which perhaps I was since we live in a place where sweaters aren’t needed) but I thought it was a skill worth learning and passing on. Sadly none of my girls knit nor did I manage to inspire any of the guests……..

    Liked by 1 person


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