On Writing, Awards, and Expressing Appreciation

Today I came to the thoughtful conclusion that I am now a writer, a decision based not so much on how I write, but on how I think about writing and how I have come to ‘practice’ my writing.   When the idea occurred to me—one moment I could write and the next moment I was a writer, just like that. That is how my decisive mind works.  This somewhat compares to my experience with swimming. I’ve swum since childhood without much thought to it, but after doing a triathlon as an adult, I realized I was not a swimmer. There was much more to it than merely staying above water and paddling forward. If I wanted to be a swimmer I needed to swim every day, study the form of other good swimmers, and commit to taking it more seriously.

Inspired to Write

Returning from my 
ritualistic morning walk 
through off-road paths 
to the seashore 
with the dog, 
a story line came to me.  

I started writing in my head; 
my head started writing, 
my hand put it to paper 
on the notebook from my pocket,  
for days in a row-
inspired to write.

A small need brought me to the door of a world that I barely knew existed. Now that I have entered, I want to stay. I really like the content of the blogs I follow, and it’s a pleasure to see them in my Reader. I have met some people here that I consider my friends, kindred folk, trailblazers, entertainers, uplifters, artists, all gifted storytellers with talents too numerous to list here. I try my best to reciprocate the kindness and encouragement shown to me.

versitle-blogger-bw (1)

I received an award and felt happy and surprised. Then I felt I cannot be counted on to follow steadfast rules about passing awards forward or writing up a special post about said award (though, ironically what led to this post was the rumination over what to ultimately do with the award). I could though imagine feeling compelled to honour a blogger that I think has special qualities or just something I find extra noteworthy, and someday that’s what I’ll do. Six weeks ago I read this from The Daily Post and it enlightened me to the world of blog awards. Fact: there are as many opinions on blog awards as there are bloggers.

I received an award

How good is the feeling 
of having work 
acknowledged by 
a fellow writer- 
a lover of words 
an avid reader
a word weaver, 
seeing the potential in
letters and symbols and pictures, 
producing perfectly pleasing or 
just so-so appealing 
randomness of daily existence, 
worldly reaching
smile provoking,
inciting memories  
and thoughts 
and text
not all
 of our own conception.

Thank you, Andrea at The Healthy Secret Identity for gifting me the Versatile Blogger Award.



    • Roz, I promise not to take any of it for granted. Really chuffed you like the poetry. It is new for me and so very much fun. I was so psyched to see you joined us on Jamie’s photo challenge!! Your ‘cold’ photos are just amazing. You will add so much to our little group 🙂 . Thanks for all your awesomeness. Melissa Xx


  1. GLSmyth says:

    Same sort of thing happened to me with photography. After about 15 years of having it as a serious avocation I came to the conclusion that I no longer took snapshots, but could be considered to be a photographer.

    Someone asked Stephen King about when they could be considered to be a successful writer. He defined a successful writer as one who was able to sell a piece of their writing and cash the check before it bounced.

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    • Hi George, Just realizing I was on your site today admiring your posts of the Aran Islands. You really captured their true essence in your gorgeous photographs and a few succinct paragraphs. I always feel for the visitors who travel by bus rather than bike or better yet, foot. Off the beaten path is where the islands heart is discovered; oh if the stones could talk! “There may be no direct route to the destination, but with the end point in mind, there will always be a way.” How true those words of yours are, about the island and much more.

      You certainly have an understanding where my thoughts are relating to writing. Stephen King is rather cheeky isn’t he?! I think I have very different standards than he as regards to what success is, not to underestimate the value of getting paid for what you love to do. I think a “serious avocation” may be what writing is for me…hoping not to over think it, but rather enjoy the happiness…we’ll see in fifteen years where I’m at! Thanks for giving me so much to chew on. Melissa


    • Ha, ha! I sacrifice sleep of course! Seriously, sometimes I get up out of bed because my mind is raring to go and I do something for an hour or so and then back to sleep. Otherwise I’d just lie there and think, think, think about it. I am a lover of cat naps and now have that luxury as all five are in school this year. I envy Johnny who falls asleep moments after head hitting the pillow. Thank you again for your friendship and support Stan. It really fuels the fire and is so motivating!


  2. solrencoret says:

    Word weaver! I love that 🙂 A much well deserved award Melissa, I have been catching up on your blog lately, so much to see I really don’t know how you do it all! A true wonder woman, that’s what you are. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words and life with the rest of us, it is truly inspiring.



    PS If I ever have children who are boys, they are definitely learning how to sew!

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    • Ha, ha, spoken like the true textile lover that you are! Thank you so much for all the beautiful things you’ve said. But before it all goes straight to my head, maybe I better address the piles of laundry waiting to be folded, the lint monsters under the children’s beds, the sourdough starter I just killed and the swiss chard in the garden that should’ve been composted a month ago. Nah, I think I’ll ignore it a little longer and go crochet instead 😉 !

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    • Thank you! I try not to think too far ahead, just let life happen. I had the fleeting thought that what if I had nothing to write about someday!?, but quickly realized I merely had to attend to the many things on the to do list and something would inspire…such a great motivator blogging is! I just read your The Manic Author Part 1 and loved it! I am definitely interested in Part 2. Thanks again for visiting me. Delighted to connect with you 🙂


  3. stephpep56 says:

    hello, just came across your blog and well done with your award, I am a lover of the west of ireland and spent all my childhood summers and teenage years down there and later lived for 20 years on 38 acres in Co Sligo , where we kept a herd of milking goats(british saanens and toggenburgs) horses , hens, and were self sufficient in organic vegetables. my children grew up there but unfortunately through circumstance beyond my control i left it all and now live in co Wicklow. I dream about a small cottage in the west but alas it can never be. anyway my children and grandchildren are here in Wicklow. Its lovely to read about your life on Aran (I know it well) What a wonderful place to live, the air so pure, and water so clear…I wish you every success with your life there, a fulfilling and rewarding venture to be sure 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • That was one of my most enjoyable visits to a blog ever! Your writing is beautiful and very uplifting. I think we are on parallel energy vibes, at least that’s where I hope to be some day! Thanks for all the smiles. Melissa Xx

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