Sunday Walk

I had a lovely morning walk with Adrien down to the shore.  I thought it would be nice to take him and his camera as he often takes pictures around the house–the life of our dog is well documented. 🙂


This is where I found my tiny heart stone.  Maybe it wasn’t such a rare find after all because over the course of our walk, we found another dozen heart stones; admittedly we were looking for them this day. They were all about hand sized–none as small and precious as my Haiku heart stone, but all unique just the same. We photographed each of them and left them where they were found.


One of the heart stones we found.


Pretty and frosty


The view from one side of the swan lake.


I could count on one hand the number of selfies I’ve been part of. This is my favourite so far. ❤

As we were heading home there was an unusually long break in the constant chatter, whistling, and questions that Adrien is known for in our home.  Then he said “Mum, you know how everyone says the island is so small?  Well, it really isn’t when you get off the main road and explore back and forth on it.”  I agreed, smiled with delight, and suggested we take a picture together–to remember the day that his world got a little bigger.


    • Based on that definition, I am at zero. I have never taken with a friend or alone. Oh, wait, I have a couple with the hubs, but those were before “selfie” was a word–more like no alternative than vanity.
      So true, I will pass your words of wisdom on (I wish I had that thought at the time, but never too late 🙂 )

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    • You understand so well Amy. He has run around the back roads, etc so many times, but it’s the moment when a realization like this is made–almost like you’ve witnessed them ‘grow’. Priceless ❤


    • So happy we aren’t in the city…that said, there are advantages and inconveniences to either way of life, me thinks. But Johnny and I are where we want to be and so happy, that makes it a greater, rewarding experience for the children, city or country living. They learn to see life through adult eyes before they gain their own perspective, as Adrien’s moment proves.


  1. Ruth says:

    It’s always wonderful catching a glimpse of the world through our childrens eyes. It shows us how they are growing and developing to what is around them and the environment they live in. What wonderful pictures he took and they will make the most precious of memories.


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