Free Meditation With Oprah and Deepak Chopra

oprah deepak

I just received an email announcing the next free 21 day guided meditation offered through The Chopra Center.  This is a tremendous gift of time and wisdom from two phenomenal teachers.  Whether you are curious about meditation but never tried it, a new beginner, or have a regular practice, I highly recommend giving this a look.

Last November I partook in a similar 21-day meditation with these two which focused on the law of attraction.  A friend and I met weekday mornings and practised together.  The meditations were each around 20 minutes.  It was a powerful experience.  I almost wrote about it, but I was new to blogging and meditation and chose not to (it was a very personal journey as well).  I am not sure if I will this time around or not, but I would consider sharing thoughts with anyone else who participates–the concepts they presented were so enriching and discussion definitely enhanced that. Regardless if shared or kept personal, it is worth checking out. There is no commitment, no failing or passing, and nothing to lose, but much to possibly gain.  That’s it, just couldn’t keep it all to myself when I believe there are some of my readers and friends who would appreciate knowing.  Namaste.  Xx


  1. datatater says:

    This sounds 1/2 awesome, and 1/2 hippy-dippy granola-eatin’ tree-huggin’ voodoo crap. I just signed up for the upcoming Experience. I promise to give it a fair trial. Who knows? Maybe it will unleash my inner nice person! 🙂

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    • Well at least you’re optimistic that there’s a 1/2 awesome to this. It won’t be for everyone. I have failed at my attempts to keep up a practice after the last series but I did get much out of it and am still benefiting. All we can do is try. Thanks for the grins you always put on my face 🙂 !! And hey, you’re smiling already so it can’t be all that bad right?! 😉

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    • Mihran, I have been listening to you via Nishi…and now you are here. She followed me and I went to check out her blog. I always look at August archives as that is my birth month and there you were. How bizarre is that?
      Your music is beautiful, I love the piano, usually jazz, but yours gave me goosebumps. I am hoping my very musical daughter will take to piano, seems so.
      I wonder how you were led here….so many threads tying us all together, but perhaps not as many as I had first thought. This has happened for me with other blog sites as well. I am quite content not knowing and trusting it is our fates linking us all.
      So maybe we will talk more over the meditations? Hope so. Until then, take care and I will see you through your posts. Melissa


  2. Looking forward to reading more on this topic. I got the same free meditation offer by email. I tried it once before about a year ago. I’ve kind of settled into doing my own thing during meditation. About three weeks ago I started to focus on it and make time to do it (something always came up in the past which seems more important….but really isn’t). So I have a steady routine now. So many interesting things have happened already. Those little coincidences which only I would notice but tell me in a big way that I’m on the right path. It’s fascinating!

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    • Sounds like you have a good practice going. It would be nice if this is the start of the same for me. it has felt just out of my reach, focus, attention span, Perhaps not enough desire or importance placed on it. With the recent shift in other areas, this may be the time for it to root itself into my life and take off.


  3. solrencoret says:

    Just signed up for this, have not tried meditation but my therapist has recommended it. Not sure what to expect but there is only one way to find out!

    By the way, I am doing yoga in my living room every other day and I love it! Definitely the best way of fitting it into my schedule so thanks for the tip 🙂 I still think sometimes I am doing things wrong so might go to a class one day but so far so good!

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    • The guidance was helpful for me. And their voices very soothing and easy to listen to, though it is merely a spoken intro and then meditation music, assuming it is same as last time. I should have kept it up but it is hard to have silence in my house at any hour. I just don’t rise and shine early enough. I also kind of drifted to sleepy land in my lone attempts (must’ve been too early 😉 for me, ha ha!).
      Yay for yoga! So happy for you 🙂 . A class is nice and might just show you that you are not so wrong after all (or the opposite I suppose), but usually your body will ‘speak’ to you if you are not doing it correctly. So, one month and then we’re off and meditating. I look forward to sharing the experience. Xx


  4. Oh I am so happy that you are doing this course, I had signed up for this a few weeks ago, in the past I signed up to do their courses before and only managed one or 2 and sometimes I forgot it was starting and then felt I would wait for the next one, so may I ask you to give me a tiny reminder the day it starts and this time P.G, I will succeed to engage with the whole 30 days, as you say the teachers are indeed wonderful and the effect of meditation is good for the soul. Do you have any tips on how to organise the course , do you think one should set a time to partake etc, it would be nice to hear how you fit the meditation into your day , I am so dizzy and usually have so many eggs in my basket that some get lost ha ha . Looking forward to hearing your comments on the course , Happy Days to you all from Kathy xx

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    • Hi Kathy, Sorry for late reply. I share your feelings in so many ways. The last course I did with them I met with my friend at 10 a.m. each weekday and weekends we left to ourselves. Sundays were my downfall. and I ended up doing one Monday morning before going to her house, or not at all. I definitely think having a set time was helpful. I am thinking of going it alone this time, even though my friend is likely doing it as well. The thinking is that I will set up my own space and get into a routine in my own home, one which I may continue.
      My friend has a dedicated space. One thing she always did was light a candle. It was enclosed in a gorgeous crystal holder. I often gazed at it during eyes open moments of the meditation and it helped my focus. I received a lovely hurricane candle holder for Christmas and knew immediately what I would be using it for. I will definitely remind you when the course is beginning and be supportive in any way I can. 🙂 Talk more soon, Melissa

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      • Ah thanks for the reminder, I also prefer to do these things alone , so it is nice to know that occasionally I will receive little reminders and this post alone has been good as I am determined to make time for this , and the candle and creating a space is a great idea , I am going to also let my nearest and dearest know there will a time set aside for this and maybe I will come up with a pretty sign for the door stating Kathy is meditating ha ha , I am off for a short visit to my daughters tomorrow so when I get back on Thursday that space will be created. Hope the weather improves for the garden work , wishing you and all lots of blessings and kind wishes. Kathy xxx


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