A Swan’s Eye View Of Home

   christing 01220150120_101624

After many attempts to photograph the swans at the lake, I got pretty close to them today.  This is the lake that can be seen from our house.  Our home is off in the distance on the hilltop, right in the center.  In a previous post (picture below) the lake is pictured in the far distance from our front garden.  It’s the same view photographed from opposite sides, taken a couple weeks apart.  Pretty cool, huh?  It would probably fulfill some photo challenge…

DSCF2696 (2)

The swans make their nests soon and whether they build high or low on the lake bank is an indicator of how much rain we will get over the summer.  Johnny says this has been a reliable indicator since he was a child.  Fascinating.  What are they in tune to that we are not?  No nests yet, but we’re keeping our eyes out for them.  Last year they did not nest here at all, the first time Johnny remembers this happening.  The winter storms that destroyed the road along the edge of the lake also flooded it. It was a relief to see them back.  The road was also rebuilt.  Things almost felt normal again, though parts of the landscape changed forever.

We went clamming today also, an experience worthy of it’s own post which I have planned for tomorrow.  Oh, it has been tomorrow for the last ten minutes.  So, a good nights sleep for me and I will write about our clamming adventure in the morning.  Night night, Melissa Xx


  1. Beautiful! What a great opportunity, to see the swans and be witness to their life patterns. I bet your children love this! We live with a pair of returning ravens every year. I will write a post about them as soon as I can capture them in a photo! A challenge, for sure! Thank you for sharing the photo of your lovely home and Island!

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    • We have just begun to share much of these experiences; feeling a bit of freedom, now my youngest is 4, still my ‘baby’, but not a baby. It’s like I have come up for air and can finally have a look around beyond diapers and discover much of this myself. I’m learning about our island home aside them.
      I came across this poem when searching here and there for a wedding gift recently. So do you notice a rise in happiness and laughter in your home upon the ravens arrival 😉 ? I couldn’t find an author to credit.

      One is for bad news,
      Two is for mirth.
      Three is a wedding,
      Four is a birth.
      Five is for riches,
      Six is a thief.
      Seven is a journey,
      Eight is for grief.
      Nine is a secret,
      Ten is for sorrow.
      Eleven is for love,
      Twelve for joy tomorrow.

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    • I shall do…I walked down last week but the wind was so fierce and the water level so high, I didn’t dare venture too close. I am with you on your wishes, and let that rain be at night…sounds like perfection! We can hope. Xx



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