Home-cooked Artwork


No fame beyond our

Home-cooking artfully placed

Avoids renowned war

This weeks Haiku challenge words ‘fame & war’ from Ronovan at RonovanWrites were a bit heavy for me at first.  I even momentarily considering doing a separate post for ‘create’– Jamie’s 52 Weeks of Photos Challenge word (those who follow know I slyly manage them both into a single post each week).

But, dangit, they aren’t called challenges for nothing.  So, with that thought in mind, I took a lighter approach to his words to combine them with her word, and, voila!

Inspired by my fussiest eater and his dad’s attempts to create a plate that would be less of a struggle for us to at least get him to try, a Haiku came to me in minutes. This after days of staring at a blank sheet–ya, not even scribbles of a Haiku, completely dry.  Did I have writer’s block?  Perhaps 🙂 .  Anyhoo, moving on…

In case directing you to RonovanWrites twice already wasn’t enough, look here if you have any wonderment about Haiku guidelines used in these challenges.  This was going to be the first week I didn’t meet the opposites criteria, content with the feeling it was good as it was.  Then I went to his page (first link) and read the following in paragraph 3– ‘This week I am going to attempt to stay to a truer sense of the opposites of the two sentences formed.’  Bring it on!–I said to self, and decided to rework my last line to suit.  Thank you Ronovan for that unintended nudge.

It is true, Johnny will never be known for his magnificent creations on a plate outside our home, but they have stopped the famed battles that once ensued when anything other than spaghetti (slight exaggeration) was placed before our youngest lad.

Now we’ve given Ronovan enough attention 😉 so let’s go and check out Sandra’s sweet ‘create’, Jamie’s vintage ‘create’, Roz’s waxed card ‘create’ & Erika’s heaven on earth ‘create’.

 And remember, it’s never too late to join in on the fun!  Melissa Xx


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  2. Hey Steph! Yours is a great poem too 🙂 those first two lines ought to be ‘Two spuds with carrot eyes and meat…ha,ha, but they do look like eggs (which he would have preferred!). Thank you for enjoying, just having a bit of fun with two words that initially put negative thoughts in my mind 🙂 .

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  3. stephpep56 says:

    ooops sorry case of mistaken identity!!! I was going to ask how you got your poached eggs so round, Did I mention I am stalling on the getting of spectacles but i think the fact that I mistake a spud for an egg might mean I need them NOW!! We call our middle grandson ‘Theo the fussy eater’ he lives on pancakes.but not just any old egg and milk and flower pancakes! Emily has one of those blitzer things and she whizzes in, carrot and spinach and banana and yogurt and he never even notices….now to replace the nutella topping with the happy pears recipe for homemade nutella.http://thehappypear.ie/recipe/nutella/?SID=b9531d438def6204afc3d9fc210d77e5 p.s the happy pear is our local organic food and veg and cafe in greystones co wicklow, 🙂

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  4. Ronovan says:

    How many things I’ve made and had to be creative to get my son to try. Once he had it and finally found out he liked it things would be better. 🙂 Fortunately he likes his vegetables. He likes his Broccoli plain.

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    • Hello Ronovan, Nice to see you in my neighborhood. Sorry I wasn’t home when you stopped by but probably it was a flying visit you were on, having so many to stop in on 🙂
      Funny what little ones will bring out in us. I used to pretend food was cartoon characters, that’s another story…I like my broccoli plain too so your boy has good taste in my opinion 😉
      I like the title you gave this week ‘Food Wars.’ You totally got it! Thanks for another great week. Look forward to tomorrow’s words o’ the week. Nighty night. Melissa

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      • Ronovan says:

        We call Broccoli trees. It works for some reason, okay we used to call it that now it is Broccoli.

        We also have Breakfast tacos. I came up with this years ago with pancakes and whatever breakfast fillings you like.

        For a healthy ice cream my son actually loves this. I take bananas that are past the pretty stage and are super sweet. I cut them in rounds and lay them flat in a freezer bag and then in the freezer. Whenever it’s ice cream time I break off as mean as I like and put them in a mini food processor I have. Add a touch of milk, and I mean a touch, blend and you have ice cream. You can add vanilla if you like or peanut butter or whatever. but no added sugar or fake ingredients and it’s as thick as you want it depending on how much milk you add.

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        • So when are you starting culinary posts on your blog 😛 ? This is a brilliant idea. and I have bananas in freezer so shall try. Impossible to get decent ice cream here. I often say someone could open a biz here doing so and they’d be the Irish Ben & Jerries (which is sold here, but most days I would just like some plain ol’ strawberry, choco, or vanilla), Take care and Happy Monday to you. Xx

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