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Beautiful silence-

Childrens lap sit story day

Tales of raucous beasts


Leabharlann is the Gaelic word for ‘library’.  It is pronounced as leow’er’lahn.  Gaelic has many throaty, closer to German, sounds that English does not duplicate in any words.  Leabharlann is one of the first words I learned in the Irish language.

The library here is small and only open ten or eleven hours per week.  This is adequate for our small community.  It is housed on the ground floor of a modern building which has the island co-op office above and social welfare office, garda station (police), and hardware shop behind, all at the end of a wee dead-end drive.  Just in front of the library is the garage for the island fire truck.  No actual station–it is a completely volunteer service, comprised of well-trained community members.

The sign above, framed with stone walls, ivy and bare trees, makes a much more interesting photo than the library building itself.  The relic in the background, an old Protestant church, has a story of its own to tell.

While there is no parent/child lap sit story day at our library, and it is rarely quiet when I bring my five children there,  RonovanWrites Haiku Challenge words ‘ beast and day’,  and Jamie’s 52 Weeks of Photos Challenge word ‘read’, paired together to this result.

This post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Maureen, our beloved, helpful, always smiling, willing to stay open after hours, hangs the children’s drawings on the limited wall space, allows borrowing of well over the three book limit, librarian.  We love her because of all these reason and more.  She’s the best.

All the other Haikus written for this weeks challenge are linked at the bottom of Ronovan’s link above.  It is always interesting to see how others are inspired by the word choices.  There are six of us so far who participate in the photo challenge–pop over and check out Sandra’s ‘read’,  Roz’s ‘read’,  Erika’s ‘read’,  Jamie’s ‘read’ and Garry’s ‘read’.  No link?  They haven’t posted yet, but are pretty faithful so I’ll complete links when they do. 🙂

Oh yes!  And an extra special welcome to Sandra at Wild Daffodil who has crossed over into the land of mixing challenges and also joined in on Ronovan’s Haiku challenge this week and hopefully for many weeks to come.  It’s never too late, come and join the creative fun!

Melissa Xx


  1. Yes!!! You got me in the end,I just could not resist your gentle persuasion! I have yet to aspire to combining the two challenges though. However – I do like a challenge it seems – amazing to still be discovering these kinda things out about myself – granny of 8 n’ all! So maybe – just maybe I will give it a go sometime. I absolutely LOVE this post – love a bit of Gaelic (my Mum is Welsh). Love the fantasy of lap-sit storytelling at your library (love Maureen <3) – ooh and it reminds me of a story my Dad told me of his visit to a Scottish island many years ago – he also LOVED Ireland – crikey sending me off into joyful nostalgic reveries …………. that's what i LOVE about this challenge!

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    • There was a lap sit back in Portsmouth near where I lived in Maine that I took my first born to. It was a delightful time. With 8 littles of your own, surely you’ve had a lap sit or a dozen or more (knowing all you do with them!)

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      • Oh yes! I’m now reading the books I read to my children to their children – often think it would shave been interesting to put a note in each book every tim I read it – ‘Peepo’ would probably be up near a thousand by now!!


    • Thanks Kathy. Hope you are enjoyed today and are braced for the predicted weather tomorrow. My lettuce seeds (2 out of 144) have begun to germinate. Time to sow more. Trying to hold out for warmer days to get going with others, but awfully anxious. 🙂 Talk to you soon.

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      • oh now you have caught me out been running around a lot these last few days and I was looking forward to Thursday being good weather , going to check it out now. That meditation must be starting soon also I think. Those lettuce didn’t take long , must get some done tomorrow , bought those boxes with the lids from lidl and they have been sitting under the table until tonight when my grand daughter decided she would unpack them , she is wise for her years she advised me tonight saying ‘nanny its better to do things straight away rather than putting them off ‘ she’s 10 ha ha . Kind regards Kathy.

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        • Meditation starts on the 16th. I thought about it much today. I am going to definitely do a reminder post. Am readying myself mentally and space wise. Want to make a real committment this time.
          The lettuce are in the tunnel, and off the top of my head, I can’t even remember the date sown. Good thing I noted it! Those plastic covers are like a mini tunnel, awesome! Your granddaughter has been taught well 🙂 What a great helper she is too.
          I only heard about the weather because the cargo boat to the island is cancelled since yesterday because of it, it came in today instead. Sorry to say and I hope it passes us by.
          I am looking at pictures of the garden from early May last year. So encouraging. Working on a garden calendar template for my blog. 🙂 Flying by the seat of my pants as they say!

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  2. When you mentioned the librarian it made me smile. Becky works for our local library and for a great number of years did the children’s programs. She’s super active and really puts on a show. If for some she was not there a bunch of the young kids would look at her replacement and say ‘Where’s Becky? We want her back’. It’s like she had a bunch of groupies! 🙂

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