Love In Ten Sentences

octopus hugs2

I have been given a mission by Rosalyn from Mission to Mars, to write my impressions taken from the title ‘Love in Ten Sentences’ with ‘an axiom of using four words in each sentence and each sentence to include the word “love”.  And conclude your writing with a favorite quote on love.’

There was nothing stated about passing this on, but I encourage anyone to do so if your interest is aroused.  It is a love-ly idea and always nice to think and write about such a wonderful topic. So here are some of my serious and silly thoughts on love…

Love you first always.

Octopuses love giving hugs.

Visceral love is mesmerizing.

Eyes are love’s mind.

Unicorns love chasing flutterbyes.

Forgiveness, elixir of love.

Inner love, outer peace.

Roadrunner loves outsmarting coyote.

Souls are love’s lips;

The heart–love’s ears.

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” Buddha

March 6–Sandra at Wild Daffodil just posted her ‘Love in Ten Sentences’ and I am just blown away by it.  I’d describe her post as full of truths with a side of sweet silliness…and then, Boom!, such a serious yet simple and thought provoking quote.   There is no such thing as ‘too much love’ so head over and visit her.  You might even find yourself composing your own ‘Love in Ten Sentences’ afterwards…


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