Oh so

Eager for

The enveloped

Ripened ovules of plants

Travelling at a snail’s

Pace, yet to


At the door–

Like warmth from

The glorious lengthening

Sunlit days, yearned for to allow

Working beyond dusk’s

Beckoning crow to

Deserved rest

For the


Hand tools that

So lovingly toiled the

Terra firma, now




    • That is correct. March is a fabulous month…I write about anticipating the seeds ordered by post to arrive and then the long days of laboring with hands until darkness falls and exhaustion hits, a bitter sweet anxiousness. But patience is needed now until April, and then it is persistence–I will write about that in my ‘April’ poem, or perhaps that will be ‘June’…
      One year of blogging is a great accomplishment so congratulations to you!! 🙂 I had my four month-iversary of blogging yesterday. It is good to acknowledge these things and note our efforts rewarded. 🙂

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      • Fatmawaty says:

        You’re awesome person, my dear friend. Thank you very much for your kind words! I hope we’ll get happiness in this month and along our lives. Okay, I’ll look forward your beautiful poems, dear Melissa. Stay happy! 🙂

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