Two Great Thinkers

“I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying.” –Oscar Wilde

Oscar and Eduard Wilde

‘Two Great Thinkers’- A bronze sculpture of the Irish writer Oscar Wilde (left) and the Estonian writer Eduard Vilde (right) sitting on a granite bench together.

I took some time off this week and went to the city, choosing to make this journey technology free.  I didn’t even pop into one internet cafe.  It was an opportunity to write, read, and rest while being ‘chauffeured’.  Each direction entails a 45-minute ferry trip followed by a 45-minute bus trip and, this time of year, there’s no returning until evening.  But that’s okay because often one day seems not enough to truly enjoy without feeling a bit frenetic and hurried.  Islanders are blessed to receive a discount at a heart of the city hotel, making it hard to resist an overnight stay.  I also have wonderful in-laws that have housed me for a night or two on many occasions.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”  –Oscar Wilde


Aside from my long to-do list, I had in mind my two weekly challenges–from Jamie at Blue Daisyz Creates, the 52 Weeks of Photography word this week is ‘think’, and from Ronovan at RonovanWrites, the Haiku Challenge Week 35 words are ‘miss and past.’


 Wilde thinkers ne’er miss

musing upon those who’ve past

oft ignoring them

no offing day comes

they’re not present and aware

missing times of past

Bronze plaques are placed in the pavement at the sides of the bench that contain quotes by each man in English and Estonian. Oscar’s plaque has a coat of arms of Galway, Ireland and Eduard’s, a coat of arms from Tartu, Estonia respectively:

“it is only by contact with the art of foreign nations that the art of a country gains that individual and separate life that we call nationality”

Irish     OSCAR WILDE     writer

“ainult kokkupuutes võõraste rahvaste kunstiga omandab ühe maa kunst selle ainuomase ja iseseisva elu, mida me nimetame rahvuseks”


“kunst on ju üleilmaline ja peab seda olema, ilma et rahvuslikud vaheseinad treda dillutada ja jaotada tohiksid.”

Estonian     EDUARD WILDE     writer

“art is, and must be, universal – no national walls should be allowed to partition or divide it.”

What wonderful words by these two esteemed authors, and kudos to the sculptor T Kirsipuu for recognizing such a unique opportunity to combine these two like-minded thinkers–though never having met, together eternally in thought and art.  I can not resist posting a picture from the Visit Estonia website where the same sculpture sits in front of ‘Café Wilde’.

estonia wildes

‘The sculpture… is a fun speculation about literary history. English writer Oscar Wilde (1854-1900), who was born in Ireland, and Estonian writer Eduard Vilde (1856-1933), both of the same generation, sit on a bench together. Sculptor Tiiu Kirsipuu, who modelled the writers according to photos, has noted that the year she had in mind when she created the sculpture was 1890 when the two Wildes could have met for a witty chat.’

And one more for Ronovan which is not related to the photo….

wedding day Miss has

albums filled with memories,

widowed Mrs’ past

Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.” –Oscar Wilde

Sandra’s ‘think’ * Jamie’s ‘think’ * Erika’s ‘think’ * Roz’s ‘think’ * Garry’s ‘think’.  GO CHECK THEM OUT TOO!!  What, no link?  They haven’t posted yet 🙂 but I’ll update when they do.


  1. Blown away by this! all those intertwined think links: intelligence, philosophy, wit and the thoughtfulness of every aspect of the artists portrayed and the way you have brought them all together in your post and Haikus. Genius!

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  2. Cathy says:

    What a striking sculpture of the two men. Did I understand you right in believingthere are two identical staues , one in Ireland and one in Estonia?
    My Dad used to say something to me along the lines of the first quote when I was being cheeky ( quite funny when I think about it now but definitely not repeatable lol)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good morning Cathy, That’s correct. The small photo at the end is the one in Estonia, it was cast first and then the one in Galway followed. Interesting that they both have a lamppost behind them. Maybe intentional so they can be greater appreciated in the evening, or maybe so no one walks into them– they are quite large…I sized them up and would guess if they were standing they’d be around 8 feet tall each. I wouldn’t be that schooled in art history as such, so it mightn’t be unusual to have two exact pieces if it is relevant to do so, but, either way, it’s an inspired idea and a real treasure for the two cities. Cheers to a good day! Melissa


  3. amykierce says:

    Hi Melissa! glad you had a chance to get away! I’ve been pining for a writing weekend away myself. I’m getting inspired again to make another big push on the book. Spring is on its way here in Boston, even though we’re getting more snow this weekend…but still, you can always tell when the weather wants to change. What’s the weather like now near you? xo Amy

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    • Great to hear from you Amy. I hope you and your family have been well. It is nice to be looking at the backside of winter, though I think it is still staring you in the face there in Boston, won’t be long now and daffodils will be winking at you 😉 My daffodils are beginning to look the image of the sunshine, many more to open yet though, but a foot tall anyway. We have been busy in the garden already. Today was sent from heaven and I’ve heard our weekend is offering up more of the same. It is the beginning of super busy season, should be interesting keeping up with the blogging. One day at a time.
      I did have a great break in the city. Not too hectic and some nice time alone, lunch with one of my sisters-in-law, and some shopping. I hope you get the break you are seeking, sometimes just a couple hours can even make a difference, depending on what it’s spent doing. Take care and talk soon. Melissa Xx

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      • amykierce says:

        Funny you said that, about the “break you are seeking.” I have been thinking about a “break” lately — a few days to myself to write and work on my book. My goal is to do this during the summer at some point. Actually my sister just offered to take the kids for a few days so maybe I’ll sneak away! And…that is so amazing you already have daffodils! I absolutely adore the first bit of spring, when everything is new and on its way up. I can’t wait! We’re putting the house on the market soon and moving closer to Boston, so we’ve been busy painting and doing fixes. Almost done! I’ll be back again soon on your blog to catch up on your other posts. Chat soon and enjoy the daffodils, Amy xoxo

        Liked by 1 person

        • You have so much buzzing about in your life right now. Spring is such a wonderful time of change and growth. Definitely take your sister up on her offer sooner than later. It could really make a big difference in all the transitioning and how motivating would it be to knock out a chunk of your book. You still haven’t told me what it’s about. Do you have a link that reveals it, perhaps in a previous post? I’ll await updates of all that is going on. Remember to make time to stop and smell the roses! Melissa XxOo


    • Thanks Vashti 🙂 Some might call it lazy, hee hee, but I call it multi tasking and it is much fun to do them together. I have yet to make it over to Ronovan to check out all the other posts for this week, always one of the highlights of my week. I’ve met so many wonderful people through his challenge, including yourself. Have a fab weekend.


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    • It is nice to hear you appreciate this bit o’ history. I didn’t know that scholarly side of you yet. Hmm, I have my ways of making men talk… No, that is not a threat, or a promise, just a mystery. 😉 Until next time.

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