Meditation Reminder

Happy Friday the 13th one and all!  Being born on the 13th of August I have always held #13 close to my heart and it’s even more special when it falls on a Friday.  This morning was a grass crunching, frosty morning walk to the bus stop, but now the sun is splitting stones.  With myself in the garden, my mind continued to wander to this post…

Monday starts the free meditation practice I wrote about here a month ago offered by the Chopra Center, facilitated by Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra.  I promised to send out a reminder to all those interested and to tell every one that it’s not too late to sign up.

This is a copy of an email I received recently which was sent out to registered participants:

Dear Friend,

True success is something you live, not an end state you arrive at. In Manifesting True Success, you’ll learn to embody authentic, lasting success, as you discover how to:

  • open yourself up to the infinite opportunities that exist in the here and now
  • find freshness, excitement, and meaning in each day
  • give your daily activities direction and purpose
  • let go of past conditioning to start making successful decisions
  • expand your awareness to make success as effortless and natural as possible

Manifesting True Success begins on Monday, and now is the perfect time to set your intentions for your meditation journey. Would you like to be of service to others? Pursue your creative expression? Explore a career path that ignites your passion? Whatever your personal desire may be, take a moment to let it settle into your consciousness as you get ready for your Meditation Experience.

We’re honored you’ve chosen to join us for this expansive experience, and look forward to our time together.


As I said in my previous post, there is no commitment, no failing or passing, and nothing to lose, but much to possibly gain.  If you wish to sign up, click here.  There is a sample meditation there, as well as registration information.  The sample is a good representation of what to expect–about 22 minutes long–the same length of time as each daily meditation, an intro by Oprah that is few minutes long, followed by a few more minutes preparation from Deepak in which he presents a mantra, then meditation music for the remainder of the time.

There are many different ways to meditate, not all requiring guidance or sitting in a room. Within our WordPress family, I follow the following blogs.


An Irish Mindfulness Practice blog: More balance, less stress, better living, greater health.



If yours is, or you know of a fellow blogger in the same genre who you would like to suggest, it would be very much welcome.  It’s back to the garden for me now.  I wish you all a wonderful weekend. Melissa Xx


    • Stan, It may be an Irish phrase. maybe even an island saying as it is all stone here. I never heard it either before moving here. I have begun making myself a meditation nook in the tunnel…your idea stuck with me, I couldn’t shake it so I went with it. We moved the tree out and there was a wide open space. I’ll keep you posted.

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      • Fantastic! Post a picture when it’s set up. My meditations are going great. All the best with yours. Keep a notebook handy and write down some thoughts after you finish each day. It’s really quite amazing what comes to you during or afterward.

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          • Meditations are amazing. I used to get hung up on how long I do it each time, and what happens, etc. Now I don’t worry about those things. I might sit for 5 minutes and it feels like 30min. Or, 40 min go by and it feels like no time at all. I just don’t judge it anymore. When I feel it’s time to stop….I stop. Even a few minutes each day is very helpful. I even got hung up on the “everyday” idea. Now I do my best….when it happens…great…if I miss a day…no big deal. The last thing you want is to have something hanging over you that you “must” do. It shouldn’t be like that. Just enjoy it.
            I find what is most interesting (and again this is very individual) is that it’s not about what happens during the meditation (although it can happen during)…it’s usually what happens afterward. This could be 5 min after, or 5 days after. But good things come. You get clearer on things which are happening, have more patience, more relaxed, solutions come to things which are challenging you, mind chatter slows down, small coincidences start to happen (this is the fun part to keep an eye out for), small flashes of insight come to you seemingly out of nowhere…..this is when it’s a good idea to write some things down. You tap into the vortex. So meditations are a good time to state some of those law of attraction items….it kind of creates an added boost!
            I thinks you are going to have some amazing experiences with this Melissa!


          • I can smell it, it’s so close to me, almost taste it. I am attracting so many right influences in the areas of meditation and permaculture, garden and business. There are a couple of other areas I should focus my intentions and then keep attention to. Your advice is so sound and is just right, I can feel it is so. I am wide open to letting it become. Much is hard to put into proper words and I am okay with that. I think you’d understand my bits of babble here. 🙂


    • Wonderful. I may do a post a week with thoughts on it and maybe you’d like to join that discussion? Again, no pressure, it’s a personal thing. We’ll go with the flow and see where it leads…


  1. Roz Hill says:

    Hi Melissa, I have never been into the idea of purposeful meditationn, however we often wander down the land together or alone. Phil will say sit with me, we don’t make enough time to just sit and stare. One thing we do is pinch ourselves for we have so much❗️🍂🌻🌿🌾🍄

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    • I need a bit of guidance to get me going in the right direction. You and Phil have a good thing going. I am setting up a space in the tunnel, my little nook–an idea from Stan at thegoodlifeinthecity. I just can’t count on the house being quiet or the weather being agreeable enough to allow getting away. And the tunnel is my sanctuary anyway. We moved the tree out, thank you very much for that advice! I must post a garden update and will tell you more then. Enjoy the predicted fabulous weekend; whatever the weather holds we still both have so much to be grateful for, and you my friend are one of those things. Big hugs! XxOo


      • Roz Hill says:

        Growing and producing food is without doubt hard work, but it is rewarding. You are also bring up a family. A good balance between work and time to reflect , meditate or rest is so important. We often need space and our own sanctuary. As you say it’s an individual need and the form it takes is a personal one. You have so much heart, go easy on yourself. 💛💐

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    • Why am I not surprised!? By the birthday coincidence and by you wielding your powers in such a constructive and effective way. I am all about the ‘you want? well this is what I want first’ approach to parenting. It just works for everyone 🙂 And how fab that you have them meditating as such a young age. Two of my boys do it without any influence from me…probably something they saw on tv 😛 !

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      • elliwest2014 says:

        It’s funny because they will try to see who can do the most deep breaths, so they have found a way to compete at meditation. The oldest is a Leo too by the way 🙂 But the youngest usually holds out longer. I think some kids just figure out it feels good to be calm. You have got some intuitive little munchkins there. We had a book when they were younger called Peaceful Piggy Meditation and Angry Cow Meditates. Great kids books!


  2. stephpep56 says:

    Hi melissa I love this Man for his gentleness and teaching of mindfulness and also Jon Kabot Zinn…when I first listened to Jon’s mindfulness dvd I cried because I realized here was the answer, to all my fears and anxieties. I listened to him through my illness the time when i really began to meditate in earnest. Sometimes I get lost (when work is crazy for example) but he pulls me back. I know there are lots of mindfulness ‘teachers’ but Thich nhat hahn and Jon Kabot zinn are my two Guru’s. I wish you lots of contentment with your meditation. xx

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    • I have crossed paths with both in recent years but not exactly sat down for tea with either of them yet, if you know what I mean. And today won’t be that day either. Much like you racing off to work, I am racing off to St. Paddy’s parade, after 5 year olds birthday party yesterday and making costumes for a couple days. I am sooo curious about JKZ’s mindfulness dvd you mention and think I will get right on that. Have a beautiful day…a great day to go for a bike ride, hope you aren’t working. Xx



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