My entry for the Jamie’s photo challenge word ‘shape’ is a picture of a picture–harder to do than I thought, but I eventually started thinking and removed all the glass to avoid reflection.  It’s me at a baseball game and I had just caught a foul ball. Inspiration came by way of Steve’s Haiku from last week.  It fit Ronovan’s Haiku challenge words ‘field & beacon’ nicely also.

DSCF3116 (2)

sharp inner beacon

at a diamond field of dreams

moment caught in time

So many talented participants…check out RonovanWrites for more Haiku links and BlueDaisy Creates for more links to photographs.  Have a fabtastic weekend!  Melissa Xx


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    • It was a great evening. I remember it so well. There was someone standing in front chatting at me. I heard the crack of the bat, looked over their head, saw the ball coming my way and literally caught it over the person’s left shoulder. Quite a thrill!!

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  4. elliwest2014 says:

    Ok this is just getting weird… I love your post and when I looked at the picture I thought “I know where that is!”

    It’s Haddock, isn’t it?

    This is where it gets weird. I just accepted an offer to be the Kitchen Manager for the Sky Boxes AND chef for the Sea Dogs players (I guess I cook for both teams but home team picks the menu.) We spend a lot of time there in the summer whenever we can and this year I will have to work every game. Not that I am complaining.

    Keep up the great writing! but stop freaking me out. 🙂

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    • No way! That freaks me out too! You are good to recognize the stadium. I miss going to the games so much. Congrats on the awesome new job. Hope you get freebie tickets. The boys must just think you have the best job ever! 🙂

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      • elliwest2014 says:

        I have been to my share of stadiums but that brick building in the background is hard to miss. Plus we went to like a dozen games last year.

        The boys don’t know yet, I didn’t want to jinx it and I was trying really hard not to get excited myself.

        They don’t like it when I work, last time I had to go; the little one latched in to me, said he had “checked his schedule” and he was going with me. The older one then tried to steal my keys. But if I am going to Haddlock I think they are going to be ok. I have a feeling I am going to be getting a lot of visits at whorl 🙂

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