Safe In Sun Haven

foul darkness threatens

sweet smelling line dried linens

safe in sun haven

Short on time this week….I took advantage of the cold, crisp, fluctuating weather and multi-tasked laundry and this week’s Haiku/photo challenge.  Battling high winds and glaring sun, I could hardly see the subject, and with the impending shower could only snap five pictures before feeling raindrops on my head.  But, I got the shot and retrieved the crisp laundry before the sky opened up and poured down.

Thank you Ronovan at RonovanWrites for all the hard work you put into this weekly Haiku challenge.  I often think of you Sunday evenings working away so diligently on the lengthy and entertaining review you present each Monday.

A big thanks also to Jamie at Blue Daisy Creates for another interesting word choice for the photography challenge.

Click on over to both of their blogs, have a look around, and think about joining us any week.  There’s no commitment, but I guarantee you’ll meet some great people whose interests are too varied to mention here.

It’s minutes from Friday, so I wish you all a blessed weekend!  Melissa Xx


  1. Wow!! That is such a dramatic photo, with the dark clouds of the sky, the toning colours of the linen and the sunbeams – a triumph in every aspect!
    And you definitely win the multi-tasking challenge!!!!
    Have a great weekend! I am excited as I will be seeing my son and 3 granddaughters (aged 4, and twins 2) who I haven’t seen since Xmas. Eeeeeek! 🙂


  2. Rats, I was so bowled over by the photo, I didn’t specifically mention the haiku, which i include in ‘a triumph’! You nail it every week!
    I so love the variety of responses that these challenges bring, thanks again for the intros.

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    • I’m certain I have done the same thing, and maybe even on a post of yours. No worries 🙂
      You have such wonderful weekend plans! Maybe we’ll be seeing some little people in your next Wednesday’s Walk post? Have a great time with them and see you on Monday then. Xx

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  3. great photo and words to accompany ! Love laundry on the line….would be a bit worried over there in Ireland that the bed sheets could end up in the Atlantic! Blustery! Love finding new posts on your blog….really enjoying them!

    Liked by 2 people

    • I was wrestling with the laundry that day to keep it on the line. The plastic pegs don’t hold well, but the wooden do (in case anyone’s wondering 😉 ) It is often that laundry blows over the wall and we find it in the brush. Thank you for your kind words, very encouraging!! 🙂

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    • Glad you see it that way Vashti! Seems I am always trying to find time, which makes me look at many things in more than one way. Everything is a possible post topic when your blog is lifestyle/scrapbookish themed :P.Thanks!



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