Meditation Experience Week 1

It’s day twelve of the ‘Oprah & Deepak 21 day Meditation Experience’.  I have only done the first nine days so far; each daily meditation is available for five days total–the day it is released plus four extra days thereafter.  It is nice to have that flexibility, though I am not pressured or worried.  In the end if I happen to have missed out on any days, then so be it.

The theme of the series is ‘Manifesting True Success’.  The practice opens by impressing the thought that we ‘create success from within’ and Deepak suggests that we choose a worthy goal to focus on.  I feel most successful when creatively expressing myself through sharing and teaching others, typically skills that will enable them to make something that benefits their overall joy and well being.  So that was what I chose to focus on during these meditations.

The week continues by exploring the strands of ‘within’ where success is created. In paraphrased summary, they offered these thoughts…

Day 2-Love   What a great place to start!  The centering thought was ‘I am here to bring more love into the world’.

–Have a passion for what you do everyday.

–Feel an emotional bond with everyone who shares your passion and is helping you to succeed.

–Love the planet enough that you will help conserve it and do nothing to spoil it.

Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.”  –David Frost

Day 3-Creativity   This day’s practice was about harnessing the creativity flowing through you.  With each breath, each sensation, you’re ‘creating and recreating yourself in divine rhythm with the very moment you are living’.  The jist of this day was the more you are present, the more fully your creative spirit thrives and doors open for you to grow and evolve towards your goal.

I took a walk on the beach. 330 metres long. Could I walk the length with my eyes closed? I attempted three times. The first time I opened my eyes after ¼ distance. The second I completely veered off to the right, opening my eyes when the texture beneath my feet changed. Ugh! The turn was obvious if I had been listening to my surroundings, the ocean no longer to my left,  but my mind drifted off to other than there. The third attempt ended the same as the first.

Day 4-Body  Another brilliant meditation…’align the body and spirit in harmony’

–Every success story includes support from other people, otherbodies

–Bring your body into your overall intention to be successful–NOT in the future, but in the present moment.

–Do not view your body based on outside standards, consider this instead–Is how you view your body adding to your well being and success?

Your body is a friend, an ally, not just a sleeping eating machine.”                                                                                                       –Deepak Chopra

Day 5-Mind  ‘Trust the thoughts that uplift you, bringing you fresh and inspired insights’.

–Every problem created by the mind can be solved by the mind.

–Dare to stop and say ‘no’ to repetitive routine thinking, then give your mind new material to think about.

–Ask for and expect better ideas from yourself, then have the patience to wait for them.

The corner I envisioned as my retreat in the polytunnel is now clear.  I’ve been walking in and looking at the space with half intention ever since we transplanted the unintended birch tree that grew there. I drew the ‘Retreat’ angel card after yesterdays meditation practice and am now thinking I’ll make a better effort here, with full intention.  Maybe then I will be inspired.

Day 6-Emotions  ‘Emotions are our most intimate ally’.

–Our emotions connect us with our spirit.

–We are not our emotions, we are the awareness behind them.

–You must be decisive to be successful.

Today I drew the angel card ‘Balance’.  Afterwards, I took a walk to the swan lake.  There is where I’ve found all my heart stones.   The one pictured above is the size of my opened-wide hand.   Through a conversation with a friend, I began to collect worry stones.  No, I don’t have that many worries, but collecting stones at the beach aside the lake is something I’ve always enjoyed, finding it meditative and soothing.  Here is a picture of those I have gathered thus far.  They were once all the same shade of gray.  It is obvious which spend the most time in my pocket and in my hand.  The round ones are about 1 ¼”.


Day 7-Wholeness  This practice wove all the strands-love, creativity, emotions, body, and mind-together as being the ‘wisdom, serenity, and grace of one being’. Viewed separately through the week, today they were joined together as a singular path to a ‘successful divine wholeness’.

Day 8- Choices  To be continued…


  1. Roz Hill says:

    This must be a wonderful focal experience for you Melissa, Thankyou for sharing all the details. I find I tire more easily as I get older, so I have to stop and relax and this is a time to think and if you like meditate, although it is random thought.
    I guess you have helped me to identify areas of thought and this is certainly interesting on a personal level. Great post. Food for thought! 😌❤️😌❤️😌
    Ps… Would love to try the beach walk! I would end up paddling.

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    • Hi Roz, I think I’d prefer unguided meditation when this is all done. Their insights are appreciated and great guidance, sometimes enlightening, often confirming what my instincts already tell me.
      Wellies were definitely on my feet, though I drifted away from the shore and up the beach. I’m not sure exactly what prevented me from being able to keep my eyes closed longer. It wasn’t fear. It wasn’t curiosity. Something to ponder further…. Please let me know if you give it a try. Xx


  2. kim says:

    Hi Melissa, thank you for this. Unfortunately, I missed your first post about the meditation experience, but I am going to go and have a listen to what’s available now.

    I have been meditating for about 8 years, though sometimes not as regularly as I would like. It has been eye-opening in many ways. Your summaries of the meditations were interesting. This: “you must be decisive to be successful” – I really struggle with being decisive… always afraid of getting it wrong, particularly concerning what direction I would like to go with my blog and writing. Although I know there is no ‘wrong’ way, still I feel confused about it. While some parts of my life flow much more smoothly, there are a few areas where I feel stuck. Things I need to continue to work through and try to become aware of what thoughts I am holding on to that are perpetuating the difficulties.

    Those stones are beautiful, I love the shades of grey. I have a couple even though I don’t really worry that much any more – I do find it helpful to carry one in my pocket and when I touch it I am reminded to be present and aware.

    Enjoy your weekend. Kim x

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    • Hiya KIm, Eight years is a great commitment. Do you meditate in silence or guided? Eyes open, closed? Morning or evening? Just curious (nosy)… Often I like to just wing these things. Like not researching someone or something before an experience so no outside influences or predetermined judgement shape my view. This thinking found me doing a triathlon, twice. Then I realized the difference between being able to swim and being a swimmer. And I took swimming lessons 🙂 . But I never would have done it had I looked into it and will never do again. My thinking is that sometimes knowledge is helpful and even necessary, sometimes it’s restrictive and can keep us from our full potential. With meditation, I am understanding it will naturally come to be what it needs to be for each individual and am now wondering about other’s experience with it.

      I can struggle with being decisive also, but it’s usually more so with say picking food in a restaurant, less important things. Often I let the waitress decide between two things that sound appealing to me. It works 😉 The indecisive feelings I have regarding more ‘important’ decisions can be exciting at times…I like the unknown and watching answers unfold before me, looking for signs and praying for direction and clarity. Maybe ‘stuck’ is exactly where we’re supposed to be at that time. Often since moving here I felt we needed to make decisions about our farm and business, Johnny much more patient than me, me making a declaration about ‘Let’s do this, now.’ And then the energy wasn’t there, it just didn’t come to fruition despite our (not entirely) best efforts. Then I am so relieved when time passed and what really was meant to be, the best choice, presents itself.

      It may be worth mentioning one other thing Deepak said–
      “It is far better to feel your way through life than to think your way through it’.
      As Roz said in above comment, it is ‘food for thought’. Perhaps we can discuss some more next week?

      Maybe we can call our stones something else…soothing stones, mindful stones, sentient stones? Or maybe Bob. Hee hee 😉
      You too have a great weekend. Take care, Melissa Xx

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    • Thank you Colleen! I do believe they find their way to me, perhaps it is fairies…we have a lovely natural spring right aside our house, it is magical, trickling down from the top of the island through layers of rock and coming out so pure and clear. I have always believed that a few fairies call the almost cave-like nook it lies in home. My children and I call it the fairy pool. I hope you’ve enjoyed this weekend. I know you are about to start your holidays; godspeed and take care! Melissa Xx

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  3. kim says:

    It’s just personal preference, but I usually meditate in silence with eyes open. I find it helpful to begin by focusing my attention on a burning candle. I started after reading a lot about Zen buddhism, which I like because it keeps things simple with no dogma or preconceived ideas about getting somewhere – it is just about sitting and seeing what comes up. For a long time I did not feel I was getting any benefit whatsoever from the practice but something made me continue. In the beginning I was going through a lot of challenging events and meditating would bring a lot of tears and old resentments would come into my mind. I tried to trust that it was all part of a necessary process.

    While there are still days when meditation is hard, it’s become an essential part of my life. When I miss a couple of days I notice it – I am less calm, my mind is scattered, I am less able to make wise choices, be present for others etc. When it is going well, it is as if the open and aware state carries over into the rest of my life and I relate to life in a different way that is hard to explain.

    The evenings seems to be the best time for me to meditate, when the children have gone to bed, but I have been trying to take a few minutes at other times of the day too. It’s nice to go outside sometimes (my children think I’m a bit crazy ;)). This is just my personal experience everybody has to find what suits them – like you say.

    I definitely put too much weight on knowledge and thinking – I’m trying to trust my intuition and feelings more. All food for thought indeed 🙂

    Bob haha, everybody needs a Bob in the pocket 😉

    Take care xx

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    • I like what you said about just ‘sitting and seeing what comes up’. I can’t say I’ve had any extraordinary epiphanies but I did have a strange physical experience during one of the days mentioned above. I didn’t mention it, couldn’t really explain it. I started writing my dreams down also, for what it’s worth. Maybe be of some value over time? We’ll see.
      I get the bit about going outside, especially with children. Sometimes that is the only way to have quiet. There’s a book by Thich Nhat Hanh called ‘Walking Meditation’. Here is a decent 15 page excerpt from it.
      The last few days of the free meditation have been nice. I’m hoping you got to listen to them. Most of my summaries of the meditation are just regurgitating what they said more or less. Amazing how they can relate so much in so few minutes prior to the quiet meditation time. I had really intended to do more than paraphrased summaries, but I didn’t feel like getting more personal, a bit unsure about my feelings, not far enough from the experience to be clear on it. I hope that makes sense. Still processing.
      Thanks for all you’ve shared about your meditation. Enjoy the last hour and half of the weekend! 🙂

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  4. Melissa Shaw-Smith says:

    Melissa, thanks for sharing these insights. Nice picture and story of your worry stones. I’ve picked up many on the beaches of Mayo and Connemara, and even a few from Inis Meain. I wish you lots of great insights and plenty of serene moments on this adventure.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Much of it is more or less Deepak and Oprah’s insights recapitulated by me. They are both remarkable speakers and teachers. And their voices, sooooo soothing! Did any of those stones travel across the Atlantic with you? I brought many home to America from my trips over prior to moving here. I left them back at my parents when I moved here, it just seemed the right thing to do. My mom was not impressed, she got stones, Ireland got me (and her grandchildren!) but she’s happy for me 🙂


    • I am new to meditation but think I prefer doing my own thing rather than the guided. This surprised me as I thought for certain it would be the opposite. Oprah and Deepak are mighty good though and I have really enjoyed.


  5. I always sign up for the Deepak/Oprah Meditations. They are a fun break from my usual practice, and I always learn some new idea to ponder. One of the things that is always mentioned is how it is a global community who listen to the classes.
    This is not only a great post, but the dialogue in the comments is valuable.
    Meditation has been a life changing experience for me and I find it only gets better as I get older.
    Thank you.



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