Seasonal Transition Kombucha Tea


13 litres of kombucha tea just bottled, ready to start their second ferment.  I always consider the time of year and weather when choosing flavors.  Warm spring days and cool wintry eves is what I had in mind when choosing Mango Cinammon, Apple Ginger, Strawberry Vanilla, and Raspberry Pear.  They’re ready for drinking now.  Some are already sold, some will be used for bartering, and of course, many will be consumed right in our own home.


    • I add diced fruit, also vanilla, lemongrass, or cinammon sticks, cardamom pods, mint leaves, etc. I don’t really measure. Some are much fizzier than others, vanilla alone is like creme soda, strawberry is super fizzy like soda, ginger too. The more surface area exposed, the more they get the sugars, blueberry & raspbery not as fizzy because of skin/peel (you could crush, and I have) but the fermented berries still have a nice pop fizzle themselves. Sometimes I add flavored tea to first ferment and then add in something else after. I just experiment with each batch.

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    • The secondary ferment happens from day one and continues until the bottle is empty, but can be drank immediately. I no longer store them in the fridge unless it is quite warm weather as I find it reduces the fizz quite a bit. I keep them on the counter or in the shed, but they MUST be burped every day or so, sometimes I do it twice a day.

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  1. Wow, these just shout out “SUMMER”. If I were living in your neck of the woods I’d be knocking on your door with my wallet wanting to purchase some of these delights, Melissa. They look very refreshing. Just what the doctor orders on such a nice day like today.

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