I Haven’t Fallen Down The Rabbit Hole…

…just gone to the big smoke for a couple of days.  I may get to check in, but then again, maybe I won’t want to.  Keep in mind…

think of you

image credit here

See ya!  Melissa Xx


  1. Mama Cormier says:

    I’ve really enjoyed following your posts. I’ve been to Ireland twice but I’ve never been to the Aran Islands. We passed it on our way to Galway on the first trip and on the second trip we only managed a short visit to West Port. Most of our time was spent in and around Dublin where my husband’s family lives. When you return from your trip I’m hoping you will accept my invitation to take part in the Five Stories, Five Photos Challenge. I’ll send you the link when I finish my last post.

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    • I have yet to be to Westport, but it draws many island families for a close to home vacation. I hear it is quite nice.
      If you ever do make it out here, it would be lovely to meet up. Most people blow through in a day trip, but I promise I wouldn’t take too much of your time 😉
      Oh my, I’m tempted by the photo challenge, but can barely keep up with the weekly Haiku and photo challenge I am doing. This time of year is so busy for me, with the garden and all. I barely get my hair brushed these days!! (no joking)


      • Mama Cormier says:

        I would love to visit you. Don’t worry about the challenge. I think you could start anytime so if you find you have some time down the road do it then or combine it with what you’re already doing……or not!


    • Thanks Kathy, It was lovely. We always pray for fine weather on our outings to the mainland, but once there, it seems we’d prefer to be enjoying it on the island. We had fun, packed in so much. Good to be back to routine 🙂 Enjoy the sunshine!!

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    • Wow! Thanks for making my day…sometimes the simplest things can mean so much. Like this short but sweet post for you and your short and sweet reply to me. Have a fantastically fabulous weekend Sueju 🙂


      • I’m glad I made your day, Melissa! No joke, this poem really deserves the complement that I gave. Yes, I agree with you that simplest things can mean so much. I hope you stay committed in posting stuff like this, for I find them really wonderful. You have the talent in weaving words, even though the piece is short. 🙂



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