Remember To Burp Your Kombucha

Some people showed interest in the fizzy, soda-like quality of kombucha tea so I decided to post a video of a bottle being opened after being at room temp (around 60°F), having intentionally not been burped for about 18 hours.  The flavor is green tea second fermented with ginger and apple–that’s what the dancing bits are in the bottle.  Not all flavours get this fizzy.  I didn’t expect it to be quite so active…


      • Elizabeth says:

        Hi Melissa, thanks for the link, I watched the video for beginners, and seems very complicated, I’m not sure where to find all those stuff here, I’ll need to order them online. Maybe one day I’ll visit you and then I taste the Kombucha 🙂 , Your hens are doing a great job, you need to check if the cockeral isn’t a hen in disguise 🙂

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        • Lots of health food shops sell kombucha. It is even available from regular grocery shops, but it tasted a bit coca-cola like to me, fake carbonated or something, I can’t really say and shouldn’t knock it as I don’t know how it was made.
          It can seem complicated, but it becomes routine after a couple goes. You’d definitely want to know if you liked it before putting in the effort of acquiring a scoby, which can be easily be mail ordered.
          If you made it out here, I would not only give you a taste, I would give you a kombucha master class and a scoby to get you started 🙂 Anytime, no joking!

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          • Elizabeth says:

            Hi Melissa, somethings only is worth if it’s homemade, a trip to Europa is on my plans, not now, but when my kids get a little old and have patience to visit all the museums around, for sure I’ll stop by to visit you. Thanks and have a lovely Sunday!

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  1. BellyBytes says:

    We once made Kombucha tea which was a fermented mushroom that multiplied. The tea was supposed to be good for health and the mushroom was supposed to be shared to share the good health. Eventually we found it quite cumbersome to make ( it needed a ceramic bowl with a lid and a non-metallic ladle and had to be kept in a cool, dark place and you had to have positive thoughts while stirring it)

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    • Sounds nearly like it. I make it in a glass kilner canning jar, lid removed and cover it with cheesecloth–here’s a pic of my set up
      The scobys (symbiotic culture of bacteria & yeast) do multiply and I give them away, yes–never sell, store for back up and feed surplus to the chickens. I brew mine in a hot press (where the water heater and linens are stored) with a 100w bulb kept turned on to keep it at 68-70°f. Works a treat every time. It did seem a bit of fuss at first, but now it is routine and easy enough. We would never give it up. It is both soda and juice for my children. 🙂


  2. Mama Cormier says:

    The first time my husband made ginger beer at home the glass bottle exploded. He now makes it in plastic bottles. Maybe he should try ‘burping’ it. Are you going to share the recipe for the Kombucha tea?

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        • Hiya, sorry for late reply, I was away.
          It takes one week for fermenting at around 68°F. Then I remove the scoby, bottle, and add in second ferment fruits, etc. It can be drank immediately after first ferment is done. I second ferment at room temp on kitchen counter. It gets fizzier the longer it sits, up to a week, then it seems to level out and stay at the amount of fizz for the remainder of the bottle/until it is consumed. If I make so many that they are not going to be consumed within a week and a half, I cool store the extras and take them out as needed, as this reduces the need to burp so often. They vary in fizziness depending on flavour. More info than you asked, I know!!



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