Trashy Romance

According to Hallmark, the twelve year wedding anniversary gift is silk or pearls.  Do I seem like that kind of girl? I already own both and they rarely see the light of day.  But take me to a recycling plant and woo me with old tires and discarded doors and the possibility of romance is highly likely.


tattered and tossed out

no longer used or wanted

gems for the taking

At the island’s recycling plant you can put diesel in your car, order home heating oil, purchase freshly made compost, drop off unwanted clothing (which will be donated to a mainland charity), have a bit of gardening conversation (or whatever’s your interest), and of course, this is where trash and recycling end up after collection.

20150424_135554Well organized and free for the taking, like a candy store for the thrifty minded, scavenger hunters, and talented tinkerers, this is where Johnny and I ended up today.  He tried to talk me out of the door, so I played the ‘but it’s our anniversary and that’s what I want’ card.  He couldn’t see my vision of a door-to-nowhere in the garden and we eventually compromised on getting it with the decision that it would lead ‘somewhere’ and actually function–I know just the spot.  I did not yet get him to agree to painting it pink, but nonetheless, it now sits in our storage and, no matter what colour it eventually becomes, it will be a wonderful reminder for years to come of our twelfth wedding anniversary.

Aren’t the frosted leaves on the windows pretty?  I’m hearing “I belong in the garden surrounded by lush trailing and climbing flower and ivy gorgeousness!”

*This one was hard Ronovan.  I really wanted to do an anniversary post but there is nothing romantic about ‘tatters’, just doesn’t fit our story.  But it all came together in the end.  Thanks for another challenging Haiku challenge!


the words romance and tatters

 find a common ground


    • Thank you and thank you!!! Could you believe how things can just fall into place? I was completely conflustered about what I was going to do for the Haiku/photo and just like that, opportunity presents. And a day ahead of my usual. It’s all good 🙂

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    • Very rewarding!! Do you have heavy item pick up in your area? Everyone puts their unwanted out on the curb and it’s free for the taking until the city collects it. Great for furniture. It was like Christmas 🙂 !
      And thanks for the anniversary wishes. It was a great day ❤


      • Glad to hear that you and Johnny had a nice anniversary.
        Yeah, we have the heavy item pick up here. Years ago Becky and I rented an apartment which happened to be in a wealthy part of the city with big old homes. She would prowl around on the night before garbage day….she called it dumpster diving. The rich folks had the best stuff. She’s dragged home antique lamps, furniture, etc. One day we were out for a walk and there was an amazing antique chest of drawers on the curb which she wanted to take. It was about 8 blocks back to our place and we didn’t have a car. I wasn’t willing to drag it back on foot so we left it. Needless to say it still comes up in conversation (in the most loving sort of way of course) 🙂

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        • Ha ha! I have heard that before now that you say it–dumpster diving! I once hauled a desk home by myself two blocks…later found out I was nearly two months pregnant at the time. All was well but my upper legs were very bruised from bearing the weight of the desk. I was determined. We still have the desk, it traveled to Ireland very nicely 🙂
          As regards to Becky, I’ve convinced myself that the memory of things is often greater than the things actually were 😀 It helps when I wonder why I got rid of certain things, usually items of clothing–for as much as I like to bargain hunt, I also do not like to have lots of stuff, therefore I purge! Johnny says ‘that’s fine to get rid of as long as you don’t go out and buy a new one now!’ Dumpster diving is fine by him tho, price is right 😉 But sounds like Becky’s memory is well and good and you may have passed up on a steal of a deal. Ah well!

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          • Oh my….the similarities continue! Hahahaha. “Purge” Now where have I heard that before? Hmm
            If it hasn’t been used or looked at in 6 months…it’s gone. That’s her rule. When I mention it to Becky I usually say “if it’s not tied down, it’s gone”. Then I quickly add “I guess I’m lucky you kept me around for so long”.
            Always good for a chuckle for both of us.

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          • I usually get the purge urge once a year, everything except what’s in the craft room is fair game. It was good for a right out loud chuckle from me as well!


  1. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    Happy Anniversary and Happy Upcycling with your door! How great to have a recycling yard where they allow you to browse and take what you want. Makes so much sense. Here at our council recycling centres you’re not allowed to take anything away – makes no sense at all does it!

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    • That doesn’t make sense, especially when they are likely paying to eventually transport it somewhere else for disposal. I still have a set of bowls from about ten years ago that I got in our local back in Maine. Good stuff!

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    • It was a great day. I didn’t mention but we also went to the shore and collected a few large stepping stones for outside our tunnel. So many beautiful choices. We were driven away by the rain but not before we got four lovely ones. It was all around great!

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  3. Just loved this , I am forever keeping things to make into something , love the idea of the door and my dream would be nice little play house hidden by trees for my grand children to play in , I would dearly love a little house with a pink door for myself too , cant wait to see the magic you will create with this door . Happy days Melissa.

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    • I wouldn’t mind a ‘play house’ like that myself 🙂 I hope the door gets up this year but it could very well be an autumn project as we are up to our ears in seeding, potting up, and the basic necessities at this moment. Time will tell… enjoy the rest of the weekend 🙂

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  4. Claudette says:

    i enjoyed your haiku, it made so much sense, and kept to the prompts in a way completely different from all the others. I feel refreshed from reading it. I also love recycling, and your haiku is the exact truth – what is discarded can be reclaimed.

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    • Hiya Claudette, There sure is a great one-of-a-kind feeling that comes from second hand items. My grandfather and I enjoyed shopping at second hand shops for clothes when I was a young teen. I did get a bit of teasing at school and it did hurt me but it didn’t stop me. No Goodwill or Salvation Army here and I must say, I miss them dearly!
      Thank you so much for the Haiku compliment. It means much to know it was somehow a bit uplifting…’tatter’ doesn’t lend itself to that direction of thinking very easily!
      I’ve yet to make it to Ron’s to read everyone’s Haiku…sunny days getting me behind schedule 🙂 Hope sun is shining in your bit of the world and you enjoy a happy Sunday. Melissa Xx

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      • Claudette says:

        I raised my 2 dughters on Op Shopping – we still go together now, 20 years later. I love the not knowing part about it – will there be treasure to find. It also gives me a great sense of satisfaction to re-use something, to give it a purpose. I still like new stuff, but there is something special about loving something that has been abandoned.
        It is Autumn here, so grey and chilly, but not raining so that is good as I need to mow my lawns.
        Have a great day.

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      • No it doesn’t. Instead some people use a free newspaper to tell you to come and get furnitures etc. for free. Then you pick it up and they don’t need to carry and drive it away.
        Here in Spain people just place everything usable beside the trash containers, then you can take it, if you like it. Much more friendly.

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        • Yes, that is how it should be and what I was used to in Maine. The newspaper idea is great and we had those as well. There was also a radio show where you could call in and tell about your free or for sale inexpensive items. It was fun to listen to. All this within my community that allowed taking sidewalk items. So there are ways of getting around the system when it is not supportive of creative commerce, bartering, and donating within a community. Strange how it varies from place to place. Could be the basis for an interesting thesis…

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