In The Middle Of A Pot In The Middle Of The Day

Doing nothing is actually doing something of value.  With all the expectations people have for themselves and the drive to accomplish, many don’t take time to stop.  But everyone’s entitled to guilt-free breaks.

It’s easy to get away from it all here on the island, to find a quiet spot to just sit in a sheltered nook or to amble along off the beaten path while listening to the songs of the sea and the birds.  The challenge lies in making the choice to do so.  There is a difference between having the time and taking the time, and often one is used as an excuse for not doing the other.

baby goats in plantpot

firmly pitched, planted-

take time for some daydreaming

of unbound frolic

Animals are a constant reminder to relax and be carefree.  If their basic needs are met, they don’t plan new things to worry about and don’t scurry about bound by to-do lists with no mental break.  Being the animal of greatest intelligence, humans have more choices of activity.  Intelligence does not necessarily equate with good sense, and not taking regular daily breaks from activity and technology is unwise. Take a cue from nature, go out and observe- no book, no music- just you, your undistracted senses, and Mother Earth.

Do you take meaningful daily breaks?  What do you do?  Where’s your special quiet place?

This Haiku was written for Ronovan’s weekly Haiku challenge words ‘pitch & time’, and the photo is for Jamie’s weekly photo challenge word ‘middle’.  Anyone can join one or both at any time.  Curious?  Go on over and check them out.  And then have a fantastic weekend.  Melissa Xx


  1. singersong says:

    Lovely stuff Melissa. One of my fiddle teachers told me I needed to learn to listen properly. She suggested lying on the grass and listening to the sounds. You will be amazed what you hear. There are many different layers of sound some of which the brain filters out. I know it’s off topic but it helped me.

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    • Totally on topic…I completely meant quiet, not exercising or television, etcetera. You are spot on- ‘listening’. When you visit this summer I will take you on this walk. It is beautiful and leads to some fields we have atop the island. The views, the sounds are amazing. When we get to the top there’s a short period of no speaking allowed. Just breathe. Listen, look and take it all in.

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    • You would be leaving behind some pretty disappointed children Kim 😉 I don’t know which one got in the pot first, but obviously the other thought it was a pretty good idea to share a bit of body heat. 🙂 Happy Weekend to you and your family 🙂

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  3. My daily break is the hour and a half of blissful nap time for the toddler, when I relax with an Agatha Christie audio book and crochet.
    My husband always questions why I don’t get chores done in that time… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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  4. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Melissa, I love this photo so much, such cute guys, are they yours? Your haiku is perfect for me, I need sometime off, to be only with myself. And you working so hard these days, for sure you need to be by yourself too.

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    • Yes Elizabeth, they are ours. They are cutie-cutesters aren’t they!? All baby goats are. We had another born today, all white with a black streak down the center of it’s head and back.
      I hope you have some time to your self soon. Xx

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    • That sounds so lovely. Birdsong is magic isn’t it? And they’ve not a worry in the world! They just trust all their needs will be met.
      Baby goats are my favourite, so sweet, playful, and carefree. I hope you have some time for your self this weekend to listen to the birds. Xx


  5. Hi Melissa,
    very wise words! Finding a spot to recharge with no guilt, accepting that those opportunities to ‘do nothing’ are good for mind and body, We have a small cabin in the woods we can retreat to, I often go to just be still for a bit. What I find, from being around people throughout the day, is I need to have space to shut my head down. No talking, no working……ah, silence. And stillness, this too. Working on this concept, very easy for me to plow ahead from sunup to sundown, and neglect that very precious and needful quiet time. thank you for reminding us! hope you are well and that the gardens are growing. Maine spring is finally here, and i think we are actually sneaking up on calling it summer!

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    • Denise, There is nothing that compares to a camp in Maine! A memory my children will never have, but some of the best of mine. If I were still living there, that would likely be my retreat also. So happy to hear you have that escape. Melissa 🙂

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  6. Great and very important post Melissa 😀
    Breaks er necessary for a healthy mind, otherwise we end up stressed. I use to take breaks by the Sea or in my garden, where I find peace. To look at my wonderful pets do also bring peace.


  7. Greg says:

    Beautiful post. We all need this reminder; I do at least! Once a year the last couple of years I’ve taken a social media fast; while I miss it (people really) it certainly refreshes me!

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  8. Great advice Melissa. You’re right, we don’t take enough breaks. I try to take a ‘breakation’ once in a while, but unfortunately, I wait to the point of exploding from stress. I need to learn to ‘take a cue from nature’, like you said, and take a break before I get to that point. I guess that’s why so many people are dependent on pills to relieve stress and anxiety. When all we really need to do is stop and take a moment for ourselves once in a while. Love the haiku. I should print it out and put it up at work. 😉 xx

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    • Funny thing about those pills people are popping is much of them are synthetics of substances occurring in the world naturally, in nature. Connecting with our natural surroundings through all the senses is such an addictive ‘high’ all it’s own. If only big business could profit, more people might be prescribed it and the world would be much more peaceful. And appreciated. Imagine if the Earth was valued by everyone as necessary for their personal well being? Imagine if everyone, especially those in power, valued fresh air and open skies, and frowned on the marauding and polluting? Thanks for your insightful comment Vashti. Xx

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    • Agreed. And before long, they’d find themselves wanting to do it twice a day or more! Perhaps that is how the revolution will begin…
      Compulsory dog walking for everyone will turn into voluntary, which will lead to happier, healthier people, less self-absorbed and disconnected, appreciating nature, addicted to fresh air, sleeping well each night and waking refreshed and ready to contribute to a common goal of spreading peace and love globally. I think you might be onto something there Eddy and I love what it could lead to! ❤

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  9. adhmad58 says:

    The photo is lovely and the thought… yummy. I usually take breaks, but don’t think they’re much “meaningful”. Sometimes I run from 40′ to 60′, just to listen my body screechings, which -being a lot of hours in front of a pc to write a novel- are quite noisy. Of course I don’t miss birds, children’s voices and wind in the park trees, but in order to be “meaningful” I rather chose a nice siesta. 😉


  10. Mama Cormier says:

    Your post reminds me of a book that I’ve been reading to my students called “Wild Ideas”. The message is to look to nature to see how animals solve their problems. We can learn from nature if we take the time to look. I find going for a walk helps me clear my head and energizes me. Some days it’s a struggle because it would be easier to just plunk myself in front of the TV or the computer.

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    • That book sounds awesome. Is it the one by Elin Kelsey? I checked it out on Amazon, only four reviews, but they were all good. Perfect for that age, how awesome! Your class has so much fun, they must just love you to bits! I understand the temptation to sit in front of the computer…one of the nicest things about the winter me thinks is doing more of that kind of sitting, though this time of year I’m with you, walking is a real tonic for rejuvenating.

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  11. stephpep56 says:

    Ha Melissa you are hitting the nail on the head. A friend recently commented to me how the length of time between my stories has increased! I tell her the reason being its spring now and we are heading into summer, a time when I am writing less but taking more breaks and heading off to magic places in the wicklow hills exploring and getting some well needed solitude 🙂 Enjoy your peaceful and I’m sure rejuvenating pockets of ‘me’ time .xx

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  12. My mate and I have been on a non stop go for two months now as we charged through many big lifestyle changes. Our To Do Lists have been endless, and while there remains many details remaining to be done of our big downsizing/geographical move…we both realized it was time to step back this weekend and enjoy doing nothing but nature and naps. Your post is so correct in the need to make the choice to stop.


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