Early June In The Garden



The pumpkins sown on the school tour back in April are well ready for planting out.

This week summer arrived on the Aran Islands. Throughout the garden, Johnny and I placed pots of veg in the spots they will be planted in the earth.  Tonight as I left for work, Johnny and Margaret Maeve were planting out courgettes and pumpkins.   Peas and beans will climb wire attached to the high stone wall to the right, and corn will go in the opposite end of the field.  A pot of fresh compost fills each hole just before planting.  Having started this task late in the day, the courgettes are the only ones spreading their roots in the soil tonight. Everything else will be planted tomorrow, except some pumpkins which will be done next Monday by the students who sowed the seeds.

It’s doubtful we will get a ‘Pumpkin Patch’ sign made this year, but a scarecrow is definitely going to make an appearance sooner than later.

20150605_170802Potatoes are growing very nicely with the first five ridges having been hilled up already.  The last two ridges on the right are turned for brassicas, one filled with broccoli and turnip yesterday.  Still to go into the next ridge, and a few more yet to be made, are cauliflower, green kale, and cabbages. The shorter center bit that’s prepared will be a lean-to for climbing yard long beans.  The willow against the back wall, hardly noticeable anymore, is growing slow and steady.

Last Wednesday it was a most beautiful day.  We planted out bush bean, celery, Swiss chard, and spinach in the L, O, and V beds, E already occupied by lettuce and carrots.  It’s nice not to be staring at empty beds anymore.  DSCF3688The next day the winds picked up again and were predicted to last two days so we scrambled and made mini tunnels to protect the beans.

The wind has come and gone and amazing weather has at last arrived.  The tunnels saved the beans and they seem very happy in their tropical micro-tunnels so we are leaving them on for now.  No, they’re not very attractive, but just for a wee while longer to give them a boost.

A couple other wonderful things happened this week outside of the homefarm of which I’ll write about another day.  For now, I shall get some rest in hopes of rising with the sun.

Slán agus oiche mhaith, goodbye and good night. Melissa Xx


    • I agree, the images do speak for themselves–much dirt and a little green, but with fine weather they will all grow soon.
      Yes, I did receive your email. Sorry for not replying. I have been away from the computer–this my first post in eight days! I am also still giving thought to your idea and will respond soon. 🙂 Melissa


    • We just keep chipping away at it…always something to do, no matter the size. At times it can be hard to focus on what has been done rather than what needs to be done. If I catch myself in these thoughts, I open a lovely can of cider and sit and take it all in. It clears my head every time!


  1. Good to hear Summer has arrived with you Melissa, even if it does mean an awful lot to do in the garden.

    However, looks as if your family have everything in hand. Eating fresh vegetables just taken out of the ground must be a truly wonderful experience. When ever my partner has grown tomatoes or strawberries in the garden I am always amazed by how so much better they taste to the ones we buy in the shops.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I thought of you a few days back Hugh as I donned shorts. I hope you have taken yours out of mothballs by now too 🙂
      We could only do the work required by really loving it, otherwise, it would be more like backbreaking hell really 😉
      Nothing compares to homegrown, chemical free food. Carrots and tomatoes are my standouts for flavor vs store bought. Is he growing this year?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yep, the shorts are out, Melissa. However, as soon as I put them on and showed off my milk bottle legs to the world, a North East wind started blowing, and when it comes straight off the North Sea I get a cold draft in places I won’t mention. 🙂

        Unfortunately the partner is not growing vegetables or fruits in the garden this year because we are going to be away a lot during the Summer, and he doesn’t trust anyone to look after and water them. Last time we had some workmen here while we were away and they ate all the strawberries!


  2. singersong says:

    Hi Melissa. Busy, busy !!. Hasn’t the weather been amazing? Would love to get across. Can’t imagine how beautiful the island is at the moment. This is such a different place when the sun shines. Take care. Bob

    Liked by 1 person


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