A Block of Galway’s Green by Bicycle

Yesterday Margaret Maeve and I went to Galway with a very short to-do list.  We thought we might rent bikes and zoom around the city streets a bit.  Or maybe see a movie if time allowed.  First we started out with some charity shop/second hand shopping.  There were so many wonderful bargains we wanted, but we settled on a few items for the scarecrow we’ll be making for our corn field.

20150613_160427 (6)

The Galway Cathedral –1965-2015– Celebrating 50 Years

Next we went to meet the newest Gillan, born one week ago, and afterwards we were off to the shopping center.  From there is where I spied the dome and rooftop of the Galway Cathedral– a dull, yet lovely, patina shade of green.  Being only a few blocks away, we headed over for a closer look.  It’s just incredible both inside and out with it’s mixed styles of architecture using stain glass mosaics, Galway limestone, Connemara marble, West African mahogany, and western red cedar from the Pacific coast of America.  Seating 1500 people, it’s the largest church I have ever set foot in and really deserves a post devoted entirely to itself.

This green statue caught my eye– surely it’s proximity to the church is by sheer coincidence.  It stands directly across the street from the Cathedral.


Equality Emerging


The following is from two plaques aside the sculpture, one about the purpose of the sculpture…

“This statue is dedicated to people everywhere who are struggling for equality and to those suffering because of its absence.  The emerging figure represents the forces for equality; the wall, those people and systems in opposition.  Overall the sculpture celebrates our achievements to date and acknowledges the struggle which still lies ahead.”  

And one about the people related to the sculpture:

“This John Behan sculpture unveiled in 2001… It was part funded by the European Social Fund and presented through Galway’s Mayor, Councillor Donal Lyons, to the people of Galway City.” 

 “Equality is but difference–respected and celebrated.”


Not more than fifty feet from the statue, was this next vision of green– by foot or bicycle, this loop is a lovely, nearly hidden, diversion in the middle of the bustling city.  The Greenway garden pathway was beautiful, bordering the River Corrib where we saw wonderful gardens and watched fly fishermen hard at play. 

The entrance to the Greenway, just across a short footbridge.20150613_161453

Margaret Maeve sitting overlooking the babbling brook beneath the bridge.20150613_161619

A view from the Greenway. Yes, that’s the bridge which is in the Cathedral photo, from a different side and angle.


View of the Salmon Weir Bridge crossing the River Corrib

I wanted to photograph something not of my garden for this weeks photo word ‘green’ from Jamie.   Nothing on the island was fitting it for me so I decided to wait until this trip to town to be inspired.  Like a magnet to steal, I was drawn to this block of inner city green and couldn’t settle on one photo alone.

feeling a loss of

inspiration can happen

when you change your view


Ronovan’s Haiku words this week were ‘loss and inspire’.  As two sentences, it states exactly what this post conveys.  As one sentence it expresses the opposite, but is still true–change of scenery doesn’t always provide inspiration.  Fortunately it did for me. And, Voila! This is completed just hours before the deadline.  Now I’m off to work in the garden.

One more thing–Cycling is a perfect way to get about here on the island, but it’s also a great way to see the city.  Here is a link to another city bike hire, and the link in first paragraph offers cycle route info for different levels of cyclist.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Sunday, full of fun and inspiration everywhere you look! Melissa Xx


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  3. While I love to see your pictures and stories of home, it is also great to see a bit of something a little different! I don’t know Galway City well, and so it’s fun to get your perspective! btw, thanks for the “like”. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Vashti. I have passed that statue dozens of times and never slowed down enough to admire it and learn what it represented. Very cool isn’t it? There’s a lesson here for me. So often I miss the gems right in front of me, planning far off travels instead! So nice to chat with you again!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you. It’s lovely to chat with you as well. We both have to learn the same lesson. I’ve travelled to so many parts of the world, and have neglected to see my own ‘neck of the woods’. My husband and I are planning on getting to know every inch of Florida and visiting other states right here in the USA, before we travel to other countries again. 😀 xx

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Greg says:

    A beautiful post! I love the story and the photos; I envy the old, charm you folks have compared to our “young” country. And your haiku may be my favorite from the challenge, too!

    Liked by 2 people

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