Blooming Bells


shy blooms locked up tight,

the extroverted bells flaunt

and gab ‘look at me!’

The name for Canterbury bells comes from the word campanula which means “little bells”.  Though not so little at around 3″ long each, the description otherwise is a good one since the flowers are bell-shaped.  They’re an annual , therefore need to be sown each year.  Being big, bright, and long lasting with blooms varying in colours of pink, lavender, blue, and white, they’re well worth the little bit of effort they require to keep happy.  They’re showiness is not easily ignored.

Thanks Ronovan for choosing two wonderful words for this week’s Haiku Challenge, ‘lock & gab’. Especially challenging when a word has only one meaning to work with.

Thank you Jamie for choosing ‘bloom’ at such a fitting time of year for your 52 Weeks of Photography Challenge.

And thank you to the star of the show, the Canterbury bells, for providing my inspiration.


    • I sowed mine in the spring and got greens only the same year and amazing blooms the next year. They are a real showstopper aren’t they? I am forever drawn to them when I enter the garden. Wish they were perennial though.

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    • Gab was a challenge alright, but thankfully I knew when to abandon my first photo idea and then it fell right into place. Just happy I finished before Sunday morning this week. LOVE this challenge (yes, I do see the two as one 🙂 ), but the real challenge lately has been juggling the must-do with the want-to-do. And trying to keep up with reading, etcetera. Anyhoo…
      I adore these flowers. They are really showy from the road and that makes me happy as we have many stoppers taking photos. And they just make me smile :D. The pink ones should be opening soon…funny that they are behind the purple and white. Ah well.

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