Those random memories that make you smile no matter what is going on in your life.

“Let’s go out and make memories of this place,” said one of my eight year old sewing camp students to her nine year old counterpart. I smiled. Projects completed, it was time for the unstructured freedom to explore their surroundings until parents arrived for their collection.

20150730_160404 They were the first to discover the nine new ducklings following their mama duck to the pond.  I was as excited as everyone and the two explorers were feeling proud to share their find.

Another thing for all the children to be proud of– here’s a collage of the sewing memories (lunch bags) made by the young students earlier that day.

lunchbag collage

Happy August everyone, my favourite month of all.  Síocháin agus sláinte mhaith, peace and good health, Melissa Xx


  1. Anonymous says:

    Lovely post Melissa. Just back from a road trip including a week on gorgeous Achill. Similar but different to Aran. Would love to come visit Inis Mor again when there’s a break in the weather (and the music! ) Bob x

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    • Hi Bob, I will look forward to your Achill post as I am dreaming of a visit there myself. Hope life is grand for you, (and I just know it is!) You will probably head this way before I make it your direction, but do have in mind to visit, maybe late autumn? Melissa Xx

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  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Melissa, so cute the ducklings, I’m sure these kids will never forget that moment. The lunch bags are great, these kids have talent. It’s so good they are spend the time learning something that will be useful for all their lives, I learned to sew whe I was teenager and I have never forget it. Have a lovely August!

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  3. Roz Hill says:

    Hi Melissa,
    I hope your cold is better, not good, so much to do this time of the year. I just love you girl….. What better accolade for the way you educate….” Let’s go out and make some memories’ is what it’s all about!!!


    • Would you believe that my cold is just weaning off?! A beautiful sunny day here so no complaining…I have some wonderful memories of the summer camp myself! Must post an update on it. Hope you are having a smashing summer Roz. Love to you and Phil. Xx


    • Aw, thanks Irene. I am far enough away from the camp ending to realize that I too have some wonderful memories of their time here and we’re all looking forward to next years camp. Hope you are well. Still super busy here…feeling a bit lost without my writing, but only three weeks until back to school and then the short days of winter descend upon us! Take care and talk soon, Melissa

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  4. Hi Melissa,
    great projects for the kids and what a wonderful skill to be passing along! Something they can build upon and carry with them through their lives, you have planted a seed ( more than that!) and now they have that skill to go where they will with it. Love the’ Let’s go make memories’, I wonder where this child will travel in her life!
    So glad all is weel over in ireland, Maine has been beautiful this summer….

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    • I talked to my folks yesterday and they are too loving the summer, tho my mum reminded me how day to day can fluctuate 20+ degrees, hence the saying ‘If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute’! A bit of a non summer here, but we’re making the best of it.
      Teaching sewing has always been a dream and plan of mine. So happy to be doing it!! Enjoy the wonderful Maine August, Melissa


      • Howdy Melissa,
        yes, your mum is right…..the temperature is very fall like one day and then back to the throes of summer .Personally, it’s the cooler days i like best now, the summer heat just zapping one’s energy. Finally some good hard rain that we needed badly. Often now I feel that we are straddling two worlds, the last bit of summer, harvest, still some lake time and summer enjoyment, but also the slight nip in the air reminds us of what’s to come and the preparation for another winter …..cutting wood, getting the rest of our hay, bringing the sheep home from summer pasture. Always a cycle. So happy that teaching a craft you love so much has found its way into your day. teaching kids ( or anyone!) a craft like sewing…..such a great skill to master. Excellent! Will be heading to Ireland during the first week of October, attending horse fair right off, is there anything you are having a hankering for from this side of the pond? Anything you need that I can bringt over? Am happy to do so. perhaps we will meet…that would be fun. let’s consider it if you are up for it?
        best to you,


    • Tx Mimi! It was a long time plan and so delighted with how this first year went. Hope you are enjoying your August. Xx
      p.s. will be ‘spatchcocking’ soon, following your recipe–chickens ready in next few weeks. Very excited to try it!


  5. Wow!! Those really seem so cute and splendid teacher you are to have taught young kids the art of sewing. Sparking on them the confidence and lesson of self reliance..
    Guess! August is my favorite month too ❤
    Much love and best wishes ahead for the month 🙂

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