How to say it all in a few words


My world, mainly Inis Mor, is not as small as it may seem and neither are the events which are experienced here. Trying to succinctly express feelings derived from events, relationships, and interactions can be challenging at times.

Some moments are just too grand to capture briefly; often when done so, it is divine timing or serendipity or one’s exceptional gifts that has guided the achievement.  Many of the best poets are admired for this talent–their eloquence in conveying what most others are unable to find the words to accurately describe.

Often pictures complement a story, adding detail that, as the saying goes, is worth a thousand words. Other times, the choice is made not to take a picture when awestruck by something, knowing that it can never be captured for sharing with quite the same intensity and emotion felt in that moment.

I was reminded of this last week when friends from Maine were visiting us.  We were hiking up to Dun Aengus, the island’s most popular attraction, when one of them commented on the view.

Without hesitation, he decided not to take that picture, but rather capture it in his mind’s eye instead. He knew its grandness wouldn’t translate to a one-dimensional photograph and I really appreciated how quickly he assessed and decided to just keep his perspective personal.

Of course, I couldn’t resist documenting their visit with a few snaps…

20150811_132718   20150811_130830

20150811_125611   20150811_130211

The opposite of this can also be true; sometimes pictures say it all, no explanation needed. Photographing my sewing summer camp was an afterthought most days, if I remembered at all, and I got very few pics.  Some projects I got no pictures of at all.  But as promised to parents, here is a glimpse of my favourite two weeks of this summer. (click on any picture to start slide show)

And sometimes we have an encounter that needs neither words nor photos for a message to be received.

A couple of weeks back I had a dream about work.  Only this time I was not serving customers, the usual work dream, it was about one of my bosses.  And we were like super BFFs, funny because of the three, he is the one I am least likely to hang out with.  Anyhoo, point is that after thinking about the dream I realized that he represented what my summer job at the hotel has come to mean to me.

Friendship and socialization were never a consideration when I accepted the job.  But now, with co-workers, with clients, with islanders who were mere acquaintances before, my island world has definitely expanded.

My thanks goes to a co-workers brother for the gentle verbal kick in the pants last evening (disguised as appreciation for my writing) that got me up early to write this post.  The downside of this summer work-fling is a lack of writing and reading time.

But, like a summer romance, that will all be coming to an end in the number of weeks I can count on one hand.  So for today, I will enjoy a day off, catch the ferry in less than hour to the mainland and celebrate one of my son’s birthdays.

I do have a few more words and pictures to add relating to the garden, but that is for another day….

end of summer 'the end'Melissa Xx


  1. Beautifully written with thoughtfulness and affection as always. So glad you are enjoying your summer fling – what a fabulous way to describe it! Those children look so happy and proud of their sewing – I particularly smiled at the photo in the tree – well done all!!! Happy birthday to your son, have a wonderful day! ❤

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  2. Conor Bofin says:

    Wonderful words. Beautifully communicated. There is an underlying truth about the human condition. Many of us who appear to be overburdened with friends are actually the loneliest of us. As one gets through one’s time, you get to realise that we can only have a few very close relationships and a bunch of people we know but really don’t know. Keep the few that matter close and keep trying to add to the bunch. It keeps one (even an old fecker like me) young.

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    • Hi Conor, I very much agree and like how you said ‘a bunch of people we know but really don’t know’. I have very few friends really and unfortunately my closest couple live the furthest away. I like being busy at work, time flies and conversation stays ‘light’–I’m a bit uncomfy when it gets quiet and the chat becomes more one on one and personal. Trying to get over that! Hope all is well on the east coast and not feeling too autumnal yet.

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    • Thanks Denise! My Maine visitors brought me fiddlehead! Such a treat. I was driving the mainland earlier today on the way from Galway to the ferry and leaves were dropping to the ground! Only they haven’t started to change colour yet. That speaks of how autumn our summer has been. I truly look forward to connecting with you in October. Keeping the end of the first week open until I hear your itinerary. Xx


  3. kim says:

    Beautiful photographs – especially that first one with the silhouette of the scarecrow in the setting (rising?) sun. Lovely poignant words too. Thanks Melissa, enjoy your day and the rest of your summer. xx

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  4. Mama Cormier says:

    Loved the photos of the children with their projects. Looks like they had a wonderful time. I think one of the reasons why I’m still working is the social aspect. I’ve made some really good friends and I know that when I retire I won’t see them as regularly and some I may never see again. Lovely post!

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    • Though I work with some wonderful people, I haven’t so much gotten close to anyone as much as I have really enjoyed the regular adult conversation. Sure you understand what I mean being around children all day yourself. I will definitely miss it when the season ends.

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  5. singersong says:

    Hi Melissa. Good to hear from you again. Lovely words. I don’t think though I could not take that picture. For me it’s not “the view” as such but putting it in context. I often take some detail in the foreground and have the view out of focus. Anyway maybe catch up soon. Waiting for word from Immigration. Fingers crossed. Bob x

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  6. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    Lovely post Melissa. Love the sewing photo of all the kids in the tree! And Happy Birthday to your son too:) Summer is nearly at an end – it feels like autumn here too! Enjoy what is left!

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    • Thanks for the birthday wishes. A lovely day and now the children off to bed so it’s quiet time in the house.

      Just in from the garden, working after dark there is definitely my preference!. Going to spend the eve processing tomatoes and cukes- bliss!!

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        • Def more green than red toms but so many plants….
          Do you think there is time for peppers to ripen? They are small but so, so many of them this year. Never did so well with them ever, but wonder that they won’t come to be as season is coming to end. Just wonder, maybe you have had better luck than me. Fingers crossed!!
          Have fun with your pickling 😀

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          • Murtagh's Meadow says:

            Didn’t grow peppers this year but last year I think i was still picking them into the autumn and they were still ripening, though I had mine in greenhouse but am sure it will be same:)

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  7. Just a lovely post. You speak so eloquently about how events and people flow through our days.
    I enjoyed seeing the photos of how the sewing class went so much.
    Your posts always have that feel that you are communicating with us on a one to one personal level. That is quite the writing skill!
    All my best to you.

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  8. Vivienne Nichols says:

    I save your posts as a treat, waiting for quiet to read them. Words, photos, all expressions are offered in the crisp and rich style of the best poets you reference. Your life, writing and images are full of color, rhythm, merriment and warmth. A time-out session with your posts is as uplifting as listening to hearty toe-tapping music! Keep stringing your gorgeous words!

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    • You have made me smile with your kind words Vivienne. I hope to keep living up to ‘treat time’ status–I know what you mean as I similarly enjoy a nice cup of tea surrounded by glorious silence and good reading material. All the best to you on this Monday, Melissa


  9. Fatmawaty says:

    Thank you for the information about your recent post, dear friend. Yes, I enjoyed reading your awesome post, as I found new words, I tried to find its meanings, 😉
    Lovely pics indeed! Happy birthday to your son, how old is he now? 😍
    Luv always! 💞

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