Blog Awards Ireland 2015


We’re happy to have been nominated in The Blog Awards Ireland 2015 and have just heard we’ve made the long-list in two categories, Best Lifestyle Blog and Best Blog Post. The short-list comes out on Sept 2nd.  Whether or not we make it that far, we are honoured by this acknowledgement.  Thanks to all who have been reading and showing their support.

Melissa, Johnny, and family. Xx

p.s. The long-lists in each category can be viewed here at Blog Awards Ireland

p.s.s. Fyi, we did not make the short-list but would like to congratulate all the wonderful Irish bloggers who did and wish them all the best on Oct 22nd.


  1. amykierce says:

    Hi Melissa! A big Congrats on this wonderful acknowledgment!! I will cross fingers across the ocean! This is very exciting! Keep us all posted. I wanted to say “hi” and share that we moved and are settling in finally. Still in some boxes but I love our new home, it’s such a comfortable place, more “home” than the last home. How is your class? I sent out my novel to agents so hopefully something good happens! Lots of finger crossing going on! much love, Amy

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    • Thanks Amy! Fingers crossed, it would be nice but whatever is meant to be…
      Autumn is a nice time of year to make a big change like moving house. I hope you get settled in enjoy a wonderful new beginning. Best of luck with the novel!!!! Talk soon, Melissa Xx


  2. A great big congratulations from the states to you. You absolutely deserve this nomination because of the quality of your blog and writing. Your photos are always superb and the subject matter is always of great interest. Your greatest gift is in your continual support to other bloggers. Again congratulations and fingers crossed.

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    • That is so kind of you to say. I feel like I have not been very supportive, but think it is understood how much I miss those connections. Counting down the days until my summer job ends and I can catch up on reading, writing, and sleeping. Feeling ragged and weary and desperately out of touch!! Thanks for sticking with me and for the congrats too!! Hope you girls are well. Xx

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