The Economy of Perennial Shopping at SPAR

I’m just in from planting some roses purchased from our local SPAR market, the only grocery shop on the island. For a mere €2.99, these 4″ potted roses bring a lovely splash of colour to my north facing kitchen window. Never was it my intention to have a rose garden, but over the last few years, whenever the blooms fade and the foliage yellows (undoubtedly from nutrient deficiency in the potting soil), I have planted them outside hardly giving them another thought.  Last year I began to notice considerable growth–yes, it had been happening gradually but I hadn’t noticed, kind of like how you don’t see your children growing until they put on a pair of pajama pants not worn in several months and they are, seemingly all of a sudden, inches shorter then when last worn.  The roses had been growing behind other plants which they are now towering over.


These roses are in their 3rd summer outside and now 3′ tall.


When purchased 3 years ago the buds were the size of a €2 coin/ US quarter.  Now they’re the size of my hand.


On the right, planted today. On the left planted 2 months ago. Nice growth considering the so-so summer weather we had this year.

I should mention we have fed these plants with either or both seaweed and horse manure which they love.  I have ‘pruned’ somewhat–really need to research how to properly do this though.  Other perennials that I’ve purchased from the SPAR that are thriving in our garden are lilies, hydrangea, lavender, aquilegia, osteospermum, and dahlia. Some of you might be thinking the credit is all mine, but growing flowers is new to me.  The plants have always been pest and disease free, which having a background as a florist, I know is often not the case with plants purchased from non-nursery settings.

That’s my two cents worth on one of the small joys I felt while working in the garden today.  If you have more patience than money to invest in your garden, it’s worth giving SPAR flowers a try.

p.s. their selection of annual plants are pretty wonderful and good value as well.


  1. Peggy Hernon says:

    I’m allergic to roses so this year I got fuschia, gernaiums & petunias st SPAR this Spring. The petunias are very hardy, fall like a purple curtain from out of their pot.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Those are all great value also aren’t they Peggy? I got fuschia this year too, left them outside the door to plant out later and the chickens promptly devoured them. Grrr, was I mad with myself.

      Petunias are magnificent as you say, so full and lush and colourful…wish I could grow them but so affordable not to 🙂

      Geranium smell doesn’t bother you but roses do? I’m not fond of their scent, but they are too showy to resist! At the flower shop back in Maine we sold citronella scented geraniums for repelling the mosquitoes and I’ve wondered how effective they would be on the noseeums around here.



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