Are you on Instagram? Pinterest?

While I’ve yet to reach the point of carrying the internet gathering onionsin my back pocket, I’ve joined Instagram.  I’d love to know if you’re on Instagram too and perhaps we could meet up there as well.  Many of my pics don’t make it to a post and I’m thinking this is a great outlet to share them.  What do you use Instagram for?  Any tips to share with a newbie like myself?

Also, do any WordPress users know how to add a Pinterest ‘pin it’ link directly to pics used in posts?  Some of you have it, but I am wondering if WP has done away with allowing that plug-in unless you upgrade.  So ya, I am on Pinterest too.  I have the ‘Social’ widget that links to them over there. →


  1. Greg says:

    I use my iPhone for most of my photography these days and for Instagram; I rarely look on there via any other device. My user name is a hard one to remember: gregwolford LOL (I get confused with all the “handles” so I’m just me everywhere 🙂

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  2. I am on Instagram but be careful. I went to update mine today (I hadn’t been on in ages) and to post more pictures and found I had suddenly “autofollowed” some 1200+ strangers. I spent over an hour deleting the spam accounts and changed all of my vitals. It is still a great tool but make sure you don’t grant access to any third party apps.

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