Nothing Unusual Here


Uncommon perhaps for the jarvey to drive right up to the door of the shop, (due to the masses of cyclists, buses, and cars that occupy the parking lot at this hour) but it’s not unusual to see the pony and cart here on the island.  A dozen or so provide guided tours every day to visitors eager to have an authentic jaunt around the island or perhaps it’s a bit of nostalgia they seek.

This couple was spoiled by the front door service on this day, likely not even realizing the special treatment they were receiving.  I thought it was quite picturesque and hope you appreciate this slice of life from my little island community.


    • Southern California would be much more modern than us. Don’t imagine many visitors would seek this mode of transport–bring on the hover board for me!! 😉

      Oh my, certainly didn’t meant to shame them. The jarvey probably shrugged it off, no big deal to detour seeing as the path was clear for him. A tight space to turn and all, just wouldn’t happen regularly is all.

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    • We are both less than a year at this Roz, and I agree, summer is not the sit down and type time of year….I am just starting to have time to do it again. I’ve missed you very much. Really nice to hear from you. Hoping you, Phil, the family, your land and animals are well. I bet you have some great stories of your summer visitors, and some fab photos as well. I do hope to hear all about it in the autumn. For now, enjoy and we’ll catch up soon enough.

      Big hugs,


  1. Hi Melissa,
    Love the jarvey photo – particularly apropos outside a “Spar” market! haha Apparently a few years ago a jarvey driver in Killarney put a roof and plastic “curtains” down the sides of his jarvey. They others said he was mad but when it rained, guess who still had the business??? Now piles of them have “covered” jarveys. Enterprising!

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