A preparing for autumn inspired Haiku

Johnny and I had a wonderful child-free outing together in Galway today– a big thanks to his parents for minding them before and after school, a treat for them all I believe it was.

We bought a new used car, three dwarf apple trees, new fermenting buckets, and a few items in bulk for the freezer and pantry.  Plus lots of odds and ends for the homefarm that pretty much filled the entire car before dropping it to the loading docks where it will be transported to the island in a couple of days.

fermented shot       bulk shopping

 fall starts by making

sauerkraut and hot salsa,

marks summer’s ending



We went for a quick bite at one of Johnny’s favourite fish & chip shops, somewhere we hadn’t been in years, before heading for the boat home.

The framed picture below was on the wall of our mechanics house, the gentleman whom we purchased the car from, and it gave me a giggle and smile.  Maybe you too?  The other pic is a book that arrived for me in the post today, very nice reading to come home to.  Surely it will give me much to share here and with my family.

20150915_100014           20150915_230356

I got the inkling before pressing ‘publish’ to check out Ronovan’s Haiku words this week.  I’ve been sensing my rejoining was quickly approaching as I feel myself relaxing more, working less hours out of the house, and really just missing counting syllables along with my Haiku friends.  ‘Start & Hot’, thems the words.  They inspired immediately and I’m happy I’ve not lost my Haiku groove.  Perhaps I just got lucky that Jamie’s photo word this week is ‘view’, a view of my day.  Oops, just after finding out that her word is ‘yellow’ so fish pie, chips, and cider it is.  Who knew yellow could taste so good? 😉

That’s all.  Long day, now off to bed. 🙂

Melissa Xx


  1. Hey! You are back! Back in Haiku land!!! Yippideedooodah! I’m running round in circles with delight! This week’s photo prompt is ‘Yellow’ which fits right in with your fish and chip supper don’t yah think?! and Johnny’s rather funky rectangular halo – ha! Ha!


  2. Hi Melissa! I’m so glad you and Johnny had some fun alone time. Couples need that from time to time. I enjoyed your post and pictures. Nice combination of all the challenges. Ha, ha! The fish, chips and beer look scrumptious and yellow indeed. The haiku was good too. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Greg says:

    What a well deserved and needed break for you all I’m sure; it’s wonderful you took the time for yourselves when you had the opportunity!

    I really enjoyed the haiku, too, and am glad you had time to work it in this week. And what a fine job of working it in quite seamlessly into the post I might add. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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