Hay is for Horses

I saw this horse in a field while waiting for my children to finish Irish dancing lessons yesterday morning.

I thought of the adage heard and said many times through my life-

‘Hay is for horses, better for cows, pigs don’t eat it because they don’t know how.’

Hey! I mean, excuse me. Feed hay to your horses, don’t use it to get your mum’s attention (or anyone’s)– that’s what the saying means, though it hardly seems a big deal these days.

I must admit to being a bit of a grammar nerd though. And I like speaking English properly–using words correctly with proper pronunciation.

‘Ain’t’ isn’t a word in my vocabulary (aren’t contractions great though!).  ‘Can I?’ means ‘am I capable’, ‘May I?’ means ‘am I allowed’.  Dunno and gonna are not words and they sound lazy to me. I catch myself saying the latter quite often, cringe.

I prefer to write out full words when I text. Although Twitter sees me writing things that are painfully wrong, but with a 140 character limit, it’s often the only way to make a point. I do love the challenge it presents though to write well in few words.

I’m not inflexible on this; there are times when the sentence is better understood, more interesting, or it’s just more fun, whether spoken or written, when rules are tossed aside. And I would never, ever correct someone’s spelling or grammar in a post, at least not publicly. I have had errors pointed out to me in private messages which I appreciated, and would follow suit if the situation presented.

I do correct my children, but I don’t beat them over the head with it. I just want them to know pure English before they alter it. Is there a difference between choosing the grammatically right or wrong way to express something and not knowing the difference? I think so.

Two great sites for such information are:
Grammar Girl http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/education/grammar
or on fb at https://www.facebook.com/GrammarGirl?fref=ts
or on fb at https://www.facebook.com/grammarly?fref=ts

However you choose to express yourself, the more important thing is that you do!
Melissa Xx


  1. singersong says:

    Good on ya (sic)!. I’m a bit of a grammar nerd too. I went to school when it was drummed into you and I’m grateful for that. When I was recruiting geology graduates in another life I was appalled by their writing skills. Grammar and spelling! I do however like to mix a little of the vernacular into my writing. I think it keeps it real. And I do like to break the rules sometimes; like start a sentence with a preposition. He he. Thanks for those sites. Take care. Bob

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    • I remember so much from my English classes as well, though it was never my best subject. Guess some things just stick with us whether we realize it or not. I start sentences with prepositions– It just flows better some times.

      Being a non Irish speaker here in Ireland, you may appreciate this– another correction I make with the children is saying ‘ta’, as in ‘I’m going ta the store.’ I tell them ‘ta’ is Irish, ‘to’ is English. Though I know they’re not mixing the two, it helps bring their attention to the difference.


  2. Greg says:

    I feel like today’s generation skipped grammar in favor of text-speak altogether. I, too, abhor (in most cases, exceptions as you noted) the written word being butchered. Though it seems that the spoken word is more acceptable to abuse, I’m still not find of it; in my area of the U.S. there’s a lot of improper and “accepted” miss speaking 😦

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    • I wonder if our forefathers were as disappointed with the shift in ‘formal’ language? Better to not become too attached to the emotion of it and be open minded I think, be flexible. A so much happier place than resistance! And it does provide some comic relief– often!!


  3. I very rarely text. Heck, I very rarely take my cell phone out of the house! My daughter encourages me to contact her on the fly this way. These old fingers just rebel. So I started using the little ‘microphone’ option of speaking and the text of what I say appears.
    Seems I do not speak very well either! Some of what the phone ‘hears’ is often funny and not close to what I have actually said. So much technology. So little time.

    Your children will appreciate knowing how to speak properly.

    Great post.

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    • That matters most to me, that they know it. And then please god, they will choose to use it. But they will not be ignorant.

      I learn much about my phone, tablet, and computer from my children. Good for them to have that knowledge also. I agree, not enough time to keep up with all the new techy stuff, and not enough interest from me either. I feel I learn as I need to know, some things are very helpful, but much just sucks time from me. I wouldn’t say that I resist so much as I haven’t got a strong interest. Blogging has certainly opened a few technological windows and doors hasn’t it?!

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