A Fair Trade

We’re just home from picking this big bucket of beautiful apples. Now to peel, core, & chop them for the freezer. A fair barter with Johnny’s uncle for a basket of veg & scana mara.

bucket of apples


We recently purchased our own trees, miniatures that mature at about six feet tall   They should be tolerant of our harsh windy winters but for extra shelter, we planted them aside a high wall.  They’ve already given us a few fruit, but not enough for storing. Between the three trees, we have four different types of apples as a couple of them have two varieties on the one tree.20151002_142842

Another barter I made this week was for a new phone.  A co-worker was upgrading hers and her old phone was an upgrade for mine that was having serious technical difficulties.  Although I offered her money, a basket of veg was her request.   I’ll spare you a picture of my new toy, but it’s so much more reliable than the one being replaced.  I hope she enjoys the veg as much as I am the phone.

Have a fab Friday and a wonderful weekend everyone.  Melissa Xx


  1. Greg says:

    Oh how I love that the old tradition of bartering is experiencing a resurgence! Nothing is more fun than a “fair trade” IMHO! Curious: what varieties of apples are you growing? The photo looks a bit like Fugis, my favorite.

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    • The two apples pictured are Cox’s Orange Pippin. Tasty. The others are Elstar, James Grieve, and Red Windsor. Red Windsor is the solo tree and James Grieve is paired with one each of the others on the other two trees. So cool how two are grafted into one so no partner tree is needed if you only want one tree. We want ten trees! But three is great and we’re so happy to finally get them.

      Bartering feels darn good alright!

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    • Aw, thanks! We’re elated to finally get them and that they’re already fruiting is a real treat after thinking we’d be waiting years after planting. Instead we were eating them in the car after purchasing them at the nursery. 😀

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    • Yes, so true! My mom made great applesauce. It is not so popular here, not available in large glass jars as in the States. Really only found for babyfood. Too bad as it is a nice sugar replacement and less expensive than dates, but oh well, one of the little inconveniences. Some day our trees will give us enough I can hopefully make my own too 🙂



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