Autumn Wreath for the Birds

This tutorial was picked up by HomeFarmer Magazine by way of twitter and printed in their online publication.

Gathering willow for frame, berries, and greens for wreath.

Gather thin, flexible willow for the frame and some berries & greens for decorating.  Wear good gloves and have some thin wire and wire cutters handy for tying in loose ends and attaching small bits and bobs.  Don’t forget to fashion a loop on the upper back for hanging.

Twisted willow frame in progress then adding greenery, followed by berries and veg for the birds.

Twisted willow frame in progress.  Next add greenery, followed by berries and veg for the birds.

Corn and dried sunflower head for the birds. Dried ferns add some lovely yellow.

Corn and dried sunflower. Autumn ferns add some lovely colour and texture.

Wreath foundation complete.

Wreath foundation complete.

Birds love blackberries.

Birds love blackberries so add some of these in too.  You can add in more materials as they are eaten, but it should last four to six weeks until it is stripped to its foundation and redecorated for Christmas.

Functional art.

Functional art all from our garden and the island ‘woods’.  The birds have begun to pick at the berries and two of the four pumpkins were already chomped on while still in the garden.  They won’t touch the onions but the corn will make them happy.

A haiku for the birds

abject hunger calls

the tempting functional art

cheerfully repletes


    • They are our pumpkins and we had twenty more that the students seeded, planted, and harvested today. I will post pics about their visit later in week. I did buy some from the shop for my children to carve as the meat can’t be used and we had such a small crop this year. It was the only way to salvage any for our freezer. Our sugar pumpkins didn’t do a thing. All that succeeded were the carvers (not very sweet and have mild flavour but they’ll do with added honey or carrots in cooking) and at that we only got one pumpkin per plant. I prayed to the pumpkin gods to achieve that as I didn’t want to disappoint the school children. Prayers answered!
      Sorry to hear yours did so poorly. It was a dismal growing season for them all around.

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    • I’ve made many wreaths before working as a florist but was really inspired by your post to make one for our house. We usually decorate with loads of pumpkins and corn but with the disappointing harvest this year the wreath is really a nice substitute and great for a change.


      • Looks beautiful! I came home to far less ‘greenery’……the frost here has done so many things in, I’m afraid. Thank goodness for the conifers! The work you do is really grand…..from wreaths to kombucha! ( and all in between).

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    • I just toss them in the wash and hang them dry. I wouldn’t wash with towels though. Then I gently wipe the moisture out of the pocket and plump it back up. Works a treat. You might have to pause the spin and rebalance the laundry if it is a top loading machine but that’s no big deal.
      Yay for school break! I hope you all enjoy it. Xx


  1. stephpep56 says:

    What a wonderful autmnly harvest wreath Melissa. and love your Haiku too. Just catching up on reading your other posts which always makes me happy. Sorry so late in doing so..My internet has been playing ‘puck’ now and then for the last few weeks. Hope Autumn has been good to you over there as it has to us in wicklow…Happy Halloween 🙂 Steph xxx


    • It has been a lovely autumn so far but I believe it is about to turn. Quite blustery out there and with it is a bite in the air. It’s to be expected. Hope you are well. I too have much catching up to do. Still not much time to sit. Happy Halloween to you also. Melissa 🙂


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    • Thanks Sarah! I’ve had to top it up with some fat balls and yarrow for colour. Soon it will be time to decorate for Christmas.
      It is supposed to rain for a few days and did so all morning here but the sun is shining now. Fingers crossed it lasts. Hope you too are getting some sunshine! Xx

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      • Sarah says:

        It’s amazing how quick the birds get through things, isn’t it? I can’t wait to see what you do for Christmas. 🙂
        Glad to hear you’re getting some sun. It’s damp and misty here but I don’t think we’ve seen the last of the sun yet. 🙂


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