Time to fly


Most trips to the mainland are made with a list in hand that’s nearly the length of an arm.  With so much to do, a full day passes with little notice of the obligatory seven hours spent before the return trip home.  Add to that the three hours round trip travelling to get there, and that’s ten hours away from the island.

Although it’s an indulgence to fly as the cost is double that of the ferry, today was one those trips where I didn’t have a list and by 1 pm I was finished with no need or desire to shop.  I wasn’t tempted in the least by the outdoor Christmas markets or the ‘Black Friday all week’ Americana specials that have, seemingly all of a sudden, distastefully infiltrated Ireland.

Besides it was only one way and it just made sense as staying in town would’ve undoubtedly cost more.  So I rang the airport and they had an available seat.  Lucky me– they only have nine seats in total on the plane.  I booked their 3 o’clock flight, bus leaving town an hour before.

I was in my house, shoes kicked off, before 3:30.  I wouldn’t have been home before 7 pm otherwise. Don’t misunderstand, I love the time on the ferry and bus.  I read, write, sleep, talk with friends, but today was an exception, resulting in both time and money well spent.

Just before landing, I snapped this picture from the plane window– the pier where the ferry docks.  No irony intended, just happened to be where the plane flies over before touching down.  Coincidentally, I’m finishing up my haiku post for this week and it’s related also.  All signs pointing to me travelling… I wish!!



  1. Hello Melissa! I’m glad you didn’t fall for that ‘Black Friday’ all week thing. I was so upset when this year they were announcing that ‘Black Friday’ would start on Thanksgiving day! It’s like they’re telling people to shop instead of getting together with their families. Ugh! The picture is lovely. Have a great weekend! 🙂 xx

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    • Thanks for your appreciation Sandra! That is exactly what I thought, it was a glimpse of island life that most wouldn’t know of. That and I thought it was a pretty cool picture 😀

      I intentionally kept it short and sweet…. Oh, the temptation to write a diatribe on my ‘black Friday all week’ feelings was very strong!! Have a fab weekend 🙂


    • I agree, maybe even most people. Just shows whose hands the power is in. Wouldn’t be so bad if media wasn’t so in your face– one could avoid the shopping but still not escape the event. The upside to very few others celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday here in a foreign country was always escaping all that hype. Anyhoo, happy Friday. Hope it’s a great weekend for you!


      • Happy Friday to you as well AranIslandGirl!

        It was hard to escape because I had a family member who didn’t even do dinner so they could go shopping. 😦 But, the rest of us gathered and celebrated being together.

        I hope there’s none of that storm near you!

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        • We are in the midst of the storm….rain pelting down on the roof of our house as I write and no evening ferry due to severe winds. We will spend tomorrow indoors decorating the house for Christmas, as ordered by my five little ones.
          You are getting the storm? Stay warm and safe now. Xx


          • Talking to my folks in Maine today and they say the same, so warm and no snow to be seen.

            The storm passed here but is due to be wet and wild in a couple days, but in between the storms it is unseasonably mild also. Very strange.

            Still decorating! Tree went up today so off to put the lights on then the kiddos decorate 🙂



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