Musical Therapy

Be careful what you

wish for or you might just end

up in Funkytown

far from home and in a funk

which kinda sucks, but

things don’t always go your way

so just improvise,

make a new plan Stan- advice

from a friend who said

stop that nonsense thinking now.

Well, not exactly-

he told me to shake it off

so I danced and partied like

it was 1999.

Lost hope and can’t cope?

Music is therapeutic-

Beat it, defeat it.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t get spaces to stay between each stanza.  Very frustrating.  I tried writing and posting from Word but when I edited in WP and added in the picture, it reverted to no spaces.  Any advice welcome.

The photo is of my musically blessed daughter, Margaret Maeve, playing the banjo. Listening to my children play music always lifts me up!

Hope you’re all well and no one’s singing the blues,

Melissa Xx


  1. Vivienne Nichols says:

    I was just thinking TODAY that you should be writing a book. I hope you are.
    My daughter has just moved to a farm with her little family and I was wishing I had a book of all your wonderful stories and photographs to give her at Christmas.
    Next year?
    I love making work for other people!
    Wishing you and yours a very Happy Christmas!

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    • I’ve heard that before Vivienne but honestly wouldn’t have a clue where to begin. Until that light bulb moment hits, blogging is my thing. Thanks for your encouragement!

      How wonderful for your daughter to move into her new home just before Christmas. Are they in the States?

      I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and hope for lots of great adventures in the new year!!


  2. Ronovan says:

    Awesome use of lyrics and play on them. 🙂 As for the format of your post, I’ve always hated when it reverts like that. If you create in the TEXT field in your Post Editor instead of the VISUAL field, you can put the spaces as you like them. But a lot of times if you click over to VISUAL and back to TEXT, you’ll find the spaces are gone. One way to help save the spaces in TEXT is to put   in the space between the sections.   is a code and won’t show in the actual post. You can put one of them, then enter and put another beneath if for another space. The actual code is all of the following, including the & symbol and the ; at the end.  ,

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    • Well said, one of it’s best qualities is helping people to express themselves when ordinary conversation doesn’t quite work. And amazing how it unites people of all walks of life.
      Thank you for your kind words!


  3. pagedogs says:

    It’s great to see that your daughter is playing the banjo–it’s a wonderful instrument, although sometimes much maligned! And dance makes everything better. This may sound bizarre, but I think of music and dance almost as if they are one’s personal companions, offering comfort and satisfaction, and always there when you turn to them–no matter what your age. Love your freku!


  4. Hello Melissa! That’s a very unique idea. I love music. It really is therapeutic. Growing up I used to love sitting on the floor at home to listen to my sister play the piano. She still plays beautifully now. Love the picture of your little girl playing the banjo. ❤

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    • It is one of the sweetest sounding instruments I think. I just love it 🙂 Merry Christmas to you all as well. I just arrived home from a super busy weekend of holiday festivities, both working and not. Just exhausted but love this time of year so much. My folks say no snow for you yet. How bizarre. And to think, this day was the massive blizzard of ’78!


      • Merry Christmas to you as well Melissa. I am making a point to keep our days slow and thoughtful this holiday season. Finding simple ways to celebrate with folks within our community, making time for my brother ( which we rarely get to do! ), lighting candles at night and loving the smell of balsam that is filling the house. You’re right …no snow as of yet, and too warm to feel that winter may be on its way. I hear the weather in Ireland has been wicked, Sally and I will most likely be there in February….we’ll make a plan, yes? Good tidings to you and your lovely family…..hope all days are filled with gladness and merriment.


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