Wreathed in Love & Wrapped with Care

Wreaths are stand-alone decorations that are quite versatile.  They can be large or small, indoors or outside, ornate or modestly adorned, hung vertically or placed flat on a table top, and definitely not exclusive to holiday time.

They need not even be a circle– heart, oval, square, or diamond all work beautifully to create a unique visual display that looks custom made for a space.

This year I decided to make wreaths for our children’s bus driver and teachers to show appreciation for the care they provide throughout the school year.

Like my autumn wreath, these are built upon a base of twisted willow branches that are secured using some floral wire (twine would work also).

I gathered holly branches, berries, pine cones, and a variety of ribbons, baubles, and festive decorations like tinsel, bells, and candy canes.  Most of these are attached with wire that’s wrapped through the willow branches.  A glue gun could also be used.  There aren’t any fir trees on the island available for cutting from so I made do with these items.  The wreath for the house is in progress and also uses sage, rosemary, and bay laurel from the garden on it.

Johnny made the reindeer and designed most of the wreath it sits on.  Margaret Maeve made a couple of the bows and helped with design ideas for many of them. Two of the wreaths (and several more reindeer) ended up at the local holiday craft fair that was held on the weekend which I’ll write about later this week.

Clicking on any picture will start a slide show of them all.

wreath of hope

Show extra care and appreciation to those who serve us regularly, those who make a wonderful difference in our world, who we count on to always be there for us, whose absence would have an impact on our quality of life.  Most of us know a half dozen or more, often a part of our routine– you might even be that person in others lives.  We don’t usually have a ‘love’ connection with them so they’re easily overlooked.  It doesn’t have to cost anything to express gratitude and appreciation. Teach your children this too.

My thanks to all who take the time to read what I write!

Melissa Xx


  1. The ornaments are marvelous! And also your haiku. Lovely! I am fascinated with the wreaths (and the one with the cards in particular). I had never thought about making them out of other materials. We have a willow tree next door that trails its long branches through our cotoneaster bushes. Surely I could find other greenery. I am deathly allergic to pine and related trees, which rules out much of the holiday’s natural decorations. For next year, perhaps, I could explore the options. (Eyes are still painful, but there is improvement, so I am hopeful.) Best wishes for your Christmas preparations.

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  2. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    These are beautiful – you have such clever kids (but then of course they have a clever and very creative mum). I may have to steal your idea. We do make home made cards for the teachers and the bus driver but I never thought of doing a wreath – a great idea.

    Liked by 1 person

    • And not so difficult either, well they can be, but also can be simple. One of the beauties of wreaths, the creative flexibility they offer. My five year old twisted up a small one with lighter willow twigs. A nice decoration for surrounding a candle. Have fun!

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    • Thanks Denise! It’s a delight to share them. I am enjoying revamping the one for our house now. I bulked up the frame a bit with some cuttings from our fuschia hedge. They have a reddish tint that’s nice, though I think it’s seeming to be mostly covered up by greenery, ah well! Cheers, Melissa

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  3. Roz Hilll says:

    Wow! Melissa , these are stunning! A fabulous idea. How did your willow grow? This years sticks did not do very well. I think we had a dry spell in the summer, you would not believe it considering the amount of rain we are getting now. The previous two years growth did much better. I have seven varieties and I have harvested the thickest in November, the rest will have to wait as I am on holiday soon! I do so wish I could find time to make wreaths. You have inspired me!!

    All the best to you and your beautiful family,
    Happy Christmas
    Roz and Phil

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    • Roz, Only some of the willow did ok, some didn’t survive. I am using well established willow from here on the island. Have a super holiday and happy wreath making if you do find the time when you return! Hugs and happy holidays to you and Phil. Melissa Xx


  4. pagedogs says:

    What a wonderful idea to give wreaths as presents. Yours are lovely. I especially like the little reindeer and your sentiments on recognizing all the people who provide services and make our lives just a little better.

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