Rain, rain, go away.

20160109_150551According to the weather station in Newcastle, total rainfall so far this year in Galway is 33.4 mm/1.31 inches. It feels like so much more than that with flooded fields and spongy earth all over the island.

We are actually fortunate as the rainfall mostly runs off the island hillsides, collecting here and there but not overflowing rivers and flooding homes as it is on the mainland.

After years being ignored in storage, today we hung up our rain gauge and Johnny said jokingly that now it likely won’t rain anymore. Let’s hope he’s right, for ourselves, and more so for the sake of the mainlanders who have no homes to live in right now and have seen their possessions and treasures ruined by seemingly endless rainfall.


    • Over 1/4″ more rain since we hung it up and this week is looking very cold and wet too. Ugh, don’t mean to be negative 😦 Was in the garden this week– no germinating lupin for me I’m afraid. Hope to post a few pics this week of what is going on though. By the sounds of the half nine weather report, I’ll have plenty of indoors at the computer time, but then, they’ve been wrong before…. πŸ™‚

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    • Thanks Elizabeth. Of course these things tend to have a knock effect. Home insurance rates will increase. As of yet, there has been no rehousing or repair assistance for the effected. The majority of visitors to the Aran Islands are Irish and holidays will unlikely be top of their to-do lists so that will affect the local economy. Only time will tell, but we are safe and counting our blessings for that. Xx

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    • Listening to the radio in the car last eve I heard said that these flood victims would in years to come be looked upon as the first climate change refugees. Hard to believe anyone would still deny it’s real. Hoping we have a warmish and dry spring.


  1. BellyBytes says:

    I don’t suppose “like” is appropriate to appreciate a very wet situation but I do like this post! We’ve had some visitors from Ireland last week and they’re glad to be here in dry, hot and sultry Mumbai

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    • Mother Nature is definitely getting our attention for a reason. Hope the world can come together and begin to respect her as she so obviously wants and needs.

      Thanks and you have a nice week also. Melssa πŸ™‚


  2. I can relate, here in south Florida we had the wettest December that I could remember and so far January has been rainy also. I don’t know what’s going on. Usually December and January are sunny, cool and beautiful months. We had a cool day today so that’s better. πŸ˜‰

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