Farewell to Winter

I wish these snowdrops were in bloom.  That would’ve made a much more interesting photo, but perhaps you can appreciate this–I planted the snowdrop bulbs in 2014 and when they didn’t surface as expected in 2015, I put a pot of flowers atop them to be sure I didn’t put another planting in the same spot.  I moved the pot in late autumn and forgot about them until spotting them in the garden this week.  Their lovely little milky bells captured my heart when I worked as a florist another lifetime ago.  I will definitely share another photo when they have grown to their full glory.



first spring bells

ring symphonious

final trill

the first spring blooms trill

an indescribable noise-

winter’s final lilt

Next is a photograph I took this week while out walking, a stormy winter sky above the swan lake.  The swan’s had invited many of their different feathered friends to join them.  I made it home just as the skies opened up and the rain poured down.

20160125_153450 (2)

Winter Sky

a mixed flock’s

peaceful trilling ends

a fine day

oh, love birds!

trill a song of peace

that ends hate

one final musing-

does a rainbow tickle earth

with coloured fingers?

Two different photos that embody ‘winter’, this weeks photo challenge word.  The haiku words, ‘trill & final’, also change weekly and can be found here.  I took liberties with the last haiku and jumped from the synonym for trill, vibrate, and changed it to tickle.  It just said what I was thinking best and I was having a bit of fun.  A couple of the haiku are 3-5-3 which is new for me and I’m enjoying the extra challenge of stripping down to the bare minimum syllables.  Do you have a favourite?

Yes, spring is upon us, officially starting February 1st by the Celtic calendar.  Trust me, you get used to it and don’t have to be living here very long before realizing that spring beginning in February makes perfect sense (and summer, autumn, and winter correlate with their months nicely also). While many of you are still in the throes of winter or the midst of summer, new life is beginning to birth and bud here in Ireland.  Unfortunately, most days lately are better represented by my second photo.

In the spirit of not wishing time away, wherever you are, in whatever weather you have, I hope you’re enjoying every moment of it.

Melissa Xx


  1. I love that last one! It makes me smile 😀
    The photo of swan lake is so cinematic, beautiful and atmospheric and the haiku suits it so well.
    So much to enjoy in this post. I’m getting to like the 3/5/3s more and more.

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      • Thank you Melissa, it is my son’s 40th birthday party this weekend, so we will be having a fun party to celebrate. Seems so odd to have a child who is 40, that’s a lot of years to have been a Mum.


    • That made me giggle then I thought about the reality of what you’re saying. I wonder, is wet good after all the dry Ca has been experiencing? Are the wild fires under control and were you effected by them?


      • Wet is good and all the fires are out. I live in the middle of the city so they rarely affect me, but from time to the smoke is noticeable. The real good news about the rains is that the drought status has been lowered from “exceptional” to “extreme.” I am hoping that by the end of the rainy season we’ll be at a merely, “severe drought.”

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        • Goodness, serious stuff there. I imagine every aspect of life–environmental, social, physical, financial, family, are all impacted one way or another. I hope the situation continues improving for everyone’s sake.

          I have a friend who is from Cali and when her mum visited last summer she was delighted for the opportunity to take baths. Little things mean so much.

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  2. Snowdrops or not, I think Spring is still quite a way off, especially with Gertrude currently battering our shores and another big storm on the way for Monday. We had daffodils blooming before Christmas, but that was only because of the unusually mild and wet December. It’s such a shame that the seasons seem to be out of sync although I think Winter is certainly here to stay for another month yet. However, despite that, we’ve had few frosty nights and I understand that many plants need a good cold snap to help them reach their potential when they bloom. Let’s hope Winter brings some of her cold frosty nights to help these little plants.


    • I must agree that winter is probably here to stay until possibly March and that the early peekabooing of the bulbs is because of the unseasonal warmth in December. Some strange weather going on here since last summer. Fingers crossed that warmth is not gone for good Hugh.

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  4. Loving your photos and haikus. This weekend is giving me serious Spring fever. It’s been so warm, and the skies are as blue as can be. I presume it won’t last, but I will enjoy thinking of you starting Spring on your island!

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    • It would be nice if it were at all springlike…don’t be fooled like the bulbs obviously have been. It’s cold and wet here! I envy your sunshiny blue skies. A bit of sunshine would make the bluster bearable, but it hasn’t shined in weeks for more than mere moments. I’m missing her desperately! Do enjoy your bit of bliss while you have it 🙂


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  8. Olga says:

    Enjoyed reading all your wonderful comments. I just want to send a re-appreciation of your wonderful photos and that last ‘rainbow’ haiku was really enjoyed by my inner child. Very creative post.

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  9. Hello Melissa! Wow! You were really inspired by these words. Love the haiku, especially:
    oh, love birds!

    trill a song of peace

    that ends hate

    I also love that second picture. The sky looks gorgeous. The picture looks like an oil painting.
    I can’t help thinking of February as a winter month because it’s the coldest month of the year here in Florida. 🙂

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    • Aw, thanks Vashti 😀 I ‘m at this minute looking at camera reviews in hopes of getting a high resolution. Would love more clarity on these scenic shots, and there is so much scenery I would like to photograph. I was happy with how the lake photo came out considering it was my camera phone. There was a horse behind the lake that isn’t even recognizable in my picture, not to knock it, but I was a bit disappointed it appears to just be a speck. Ah well, all in good time.

      I hope it is not too cold for you, but maybe a relief from the usual heat you get? My parents have been having a warm winter in Maine, but were just smacked with a couple feet of snow. Soon it will all melt and they will welcome lovely mud season!

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