A Fresh & Frosty Morning

We had frost earlier this week on the island and I couldn’t resist the urge to go out and see it up close.  It’s rare here and it made me a bit homesick.  I didn’t pay it nearly as much notice when living back in Maine where it’s a normal part of winter.

Why does frost make the air feel fresher?  Does it kill off lingering germs from a cough and flu like I imagine?  Are carrot fly and slug larvae defeated before the warmer seasons incubate them?  It definitely improves the flavour of some vegetables still in the garden.  These random thoughts went through my mind while on an early morning dog walk, happy for the sunshine, but also racing to beat it to the frosty foliage…



    • Now that you mention it, the fresh air feeling is definitely felt in the lungs. I remember my mum telling us to go out on these dry, cool, and below freezing days when we were recovering from colds to ‘clear out our lungs’.


  1. Very good photos Melissa 😀 I feel, that you are right about the freezing kills many things and all feels more fresh after. Here in Spain we still have have bees, wasps and mosquitos because we had so little freezing here until now. Even flies we get inside.

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  2. vintage51 says:

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    Your pictures are beautiful. We have tons of snow here, 2 feet more in the last few days. My life is spent shovelling and shovelling some more. I wish all I had to worry about was a little frost. Have a wonderful day. Cheers, Michele

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  3. oriana77 says:

    We experience the same in Vancouver. Mostly wet and windy winters, but a few times a year the winds bring us some Arctic air masses, giving cool, dry days. Just getting a break from the high relative humidity is a nice change.

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    • That makes three of us!! I hardly payed that kind of close-up attention to it back in Maine. Lizl has some beautiful photography on her blog that really got me excited to go out and observe when I got this opportunity.


    • It’s only snowed once on the island in the nine years I have lived here. The mainland does receive snow though. I can’t explain it any better than Oriana77 did above… “The North Atlantic is the reason why they experience mild weather, from the current that originates off Florida. We have exactly the same on the West Coast of North America. Mild temperatures with mostly lots of winter rain, but with the occasional cold snap giving clear skies and freezing temps.”

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    • Aw, thanks Melissa. My camera leaves something to be desired, but still, the photos aren’t altered. There was no improving them (except to improve the quality of camera to capture detail better)–yes nature is the perfect artist!

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  4. elliwest2014 says:

    I know I am still in awe when the world freezes, now it would be a trip if it didn’t. Funny how we adapt without any intent to. You just get used to things. How nice it is to notice the small bits that can be easily taken for granted. It is such a blessing to be able to witness life in all its variations! Be well!



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